ShareRing Blockchain Technical Update – April 2020

April 13, 2023

Welcome to the ShareRing blockchain technical update, where we provide technical developments concerning the ShareLedger blockchain for the month of April, as well as upcoming developments!

ShareRing Blockchain Technical Update
ShareRing Blockchain Technical Update

ShareLedger – Done and in testing

Bank Module

  • Supply module update
  • Improvements to track total supply
  • Slashing module not very good at deducing staked tokens of malicious actors
  • Mint Updates
  • The system currently uses ‘account pool’ instead of minting. This will be updated
  • An issue with handling several thousand tx/s over a prolonged time.

TX fees

  • SendTx tx fee needs enhancing (ie. 1 SHR vs 0.02 SHRP)
  • The fee isn’t accurately distributed among the validators.
  • The conversion from SHRP to SHR seems to be inaccurate. 1 SHR is taken away from sender balance even when we don’t set an exchange rate.
  •  Anti precedent handler – where we collect a fee even before tx is executed (prevents DoS attack)

Exchange module

  • The exchange operation depends on a reserve account. Can’t handle high tx/s
  • Unsafe: ANY account can set the exchange rate.
  • Need to redesign the module for better security and scale.

ShareLedger – Phase 3 (Late May)


  • The old version of Cosmos-SDK (0.23.0).
  • Incomplete distribution module. the fee is not distributed correctly.
  • Need to further test the validator equality model.


  • Only downtime slashing implemented.
  • Using outdated staking module.
  • Need to add standard features: unjail and punishment on staking tokens (lack of supply and distro module)

ShareLedger – Phase 4 (Late June)


  • Currently depends on master account to create an ID, causing a lack of scalability.
  • Create pool ID accounts to handle several thousand tx/s. Permission is issued/revoked by the master key.


  • Improve the current network setup. The command structure will be replaced/enhanced.

We hope you enjoyed the latest ShareRing blockchain technical update, stay tuned for the next phase!

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