Lowering operational burden on financial institutions

Satisfy KYC and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) obligations for both retail and wholesale clients. Flexible solutions to onboard customers faster and cheaper, whilst maintaining compliance with Australian and UK regulations.

ShareRing for Finance KYC

How It Works

Efficient processes
with lower fees

The information your institution requires from retail and wholesale clients varies, depending on their risk profile and nature of the relationship.

Predetermine the information you need from your customers, remove the need for manual processes, and pay only for the information requested.

Supports over
230 countries

Your customers may come from across the world and hold IDs and documents that are unique to their region. We support IDs from over 230 countries, and can customise the digitisation and verification of all types of physical documents.

ShareRing for Finance KYC

End identity fraud

KYC and CDD information is verified through a series of institutional grade verification technology before it is submitted by a customer.

Pre-verify your customer's identity before the data even reaches your compliance team, and maintain aligned with FATF recommendations on identity verification.

ShareRing for Finance KYC

Comparing KYC and CDD Processes


  • Manual verification using physical documents
  • Time-consuming, often requiring days or weeks for verification
  • Human errors can occur during manual verification
  • Inconvenient and often requires physical presence
  • Can be costly due to manual processes, paperwork, and staff involvement
  • Risk of document fraud, data breaches, and privacy concern

Digital ID

  • Automated verification using digital identity solutions (e.g., biometrics, mobile apps)
  • Swift and real-time verification, often completed within minutes
  • High accuracy due to automated verification, validation, and blockchain immutability
  • Convenient and enhanced compliance through standardized and consistent verification procedures
  • Robust data encryption and security measures to protect personal information
  • Cost-effective, with reduced operational costs and resource efficiency

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