Hybrid Identity:
off chain

Tokenize your identity inside the Vault to navigate web3 protocols across Cosmos and other blockchain ecosystems.

Build up your web3 credibility with off-chain sources of personal identifiable information (PII)

ShareRing Vault

On-chain reputation for private interactions with web3 protocols. Off-chain identity for creating sources of credibility.

Off-Chain Identity

Create sources of verifiable truth about your identity, standardized as W3C credentials for maximum interoperability.

Encrypted with your private key, managed in your Vault.

Tokenized On-Chain identity

"Immutable" and "Shielded Identities" make up your on-chain reputation. Transact with proof of immutability, and zero-knowledge style information about your identity.

Issued as Soulbound Tokens to your ShareLedger address, managed in your Vault.

Self Sovereign Privacy

Maintain privacy and ownership over your PII at all times, with all transactions.

Your off-chain identity is held and managed inside the Vault, and accessible only on your device.

Your on-chain identity only represents 'YES' or "NO" answers about your identity, and reveals no PII.

Features of yourHybrid identity

Verifiable source of information (Off-chain)

Create sources of credibility for your identity, standardized as W3C verifiable credentials.

Tokenized Identity (On-chain)

Create account-bound private tokens to authenticate your identity's immutability, or selective traits about yourself. For example, you are over the age of 18.

Decentralized Identifier (DiD)

Interact with protocols and services through your unique identity address. Removes the need for centralized registries.

Partner Experiences

Access exclusive experiences and services that are identity-gated by our partners.

Your trusted
Hybrid ID

How trustworthy and reputable you are in-real-life (IRL) depends on your peers, network, skills, and credentials.

Your hybrid identity is the same, except it's digital and requires you to collect pieces of information about yourself in order to build up credibility.

Create sources of off-chain verifiable proof inside the Vault to credibly tokenize your identity on-chain.