Interview With Tim: ShareRing Integrates CosmWasm

May 15, 2023

ShareLedger, ShareRing’s native blockchain, is built using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint. Now, ShareRing has integrated CosmWasm into ShareLedger to speed up the development of highly secure, powerful smart contracts.

About CosmWasm

CosmWasm is a smart contract platform focusing on security, performance, and interoperability. It is the only smart contracting platform for public blockchains with heavy adoption outside of the EVM world. Click here to learn more.

Last February, we interviewed our CEO Tim Bos to share his insights regarding ShareLedger's integration with the CosmWasm smart contracting module.

Why CosmWasm? Why was it the best choice?

Outside of CosmWasm, ShareRing considered adopting an EVM-based smart contracting module; however it seemed that CosmWasm was much further along in terms of development. The efficiency and scalability of writing code in Rust (as opposed to Solidity) was more appealing, despite that it appears as though most smart contract writers seem to be more comfortable with Solidity.

What is ShareRing's role in the Web3 ecosystem? 

ShareRing is a digital identity focussed blockchain technology company transforming the concept and mechanics of identities in the new era of the internet. Our technology focuses on protecting personal information across the web, and ensuring that individuals maintain control and security over their own data.

Our business is separated into two divisions: ShareRing Foundation and ShareRing Business Solutions (B2B). 

ShareRing Foundation is the blockchain division of the business that oversees the development of ShareLedger (identity chain for the Cosmos ecosystem) and the ShareRing Web3 ecosystem. As legal custodians of ShareLedger the division is dedicated to partnership growth, security advancements, and developer adoption of the protocol.

ShareRing Business Solutions is the division of ShareRing that allows other companies to make use of our digital identity led services - our ShareRing Digital Identity Self Sovereign Solution. 

We provide the technology to allow businesses to integrate ShareRing’s self sovereign identity solution into their business - embedded into their current systems and processes - ensuring minimal disruption or change to how they operate, while allowing them to transform their customer experience. 

ShareRing’s Roadmap

Over the next few months, our main focus will be on the storytelling of our 2 business divisions and how we as a company navigate the transformation of digital identities for traditional businesses, and within the Web3 ecosystem. From our Business Solutions division we will launch a number of pilot programs with an objective of partnering up with governments and organizations of all sizes that require some form of digital identity transformation, and leverage our identity SDKs within their respective ecosystems. 

In addition to the pilot program and our identity SDK, we are also furthering the recognition for our digital identity solutions; we are in the process of submitting applications for the UK DCMS Digital Identity Framework accreditation, and Australian Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) accreditation.

From our Foundations division, some developments to look forward to include: a Pro version of our application, which will focus solely on our Vault, Wallet, and down the track, other tools for the Web3 community. Digital credentials that are issued into your Vault will also have each user’s attributes hashed onto ShareLedger, providing verifiers with an option of verifying select information about the Vault user, as opposed to checking their entire credential. We’ll also be developing functionality for soulbound tokens and linking them to off-chain credentials.

These are some of the releases to look forward to over the next two quarters, and we are excited to see more developer interest with CosmWasm on ShareLedger.


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About Tim Bos, ShareRing CEO

Tim has decades of experience working with start-ups and established enterprises with a focus on technology. He has held senior roles with a number of organizations, including Avanade Australia (a Microsoft and Accenture joint venture), Barclays Capital, GE Capital, Atari – Melbourne House, and Software Spectrum.

He established his first start-up, bioWatch Australia, in 2004, with the purpose of building a software framework for tracking valuable assets around the globe. He sold the company to Procon MRM in 2008. Tim co-founded Keaz in 2013. Keaz has developed a world-leading platform for the purpose of sharing vehicles and assets globally.

Tim mined some Bitcoin in around 2010 for fun and was engrossed with the potential of Ethereum smart contracts when he came across it in 2016. He then realized that there was a lot of potential in the potential usage of smart contracts, which eventually led to the conceptualization of ShareRing in 2017.