ShareRing Me

Access the Vault for the creation and management of your digital identity.

Control and manage who has access to your personal information, 24/7.

and verified with blockchain technology. Designed for maximum user privacy.

Identifi Me

Made for YOU.

Create a trusted digital version of yourself with ShareRing Me. Bolster your online reputation without sacrificing privacy and rights to your data.

Global Support

Supports IDs and credentials from
over 260 countries.

Reusable identity

Your digital identity can be reused an infinite amount of times. Verify once and you're good to go, forever.

Self Sovereign

Self sovereign basically means 'ownership'. With your identity, self sovereignty means control and management of your data - at all times.

Identifi Me

Use Cases for
ShareRing Me

ShareRing Me is an industry agnostic identity app, meaning it can be implemented into any sector or jurisdiction with ease. The app design also makes it easy to integrate into any existing technology.

Human Uniqueness Verification

Combat bots by proving that your users are indeed 'human'. This is achieved with your unique device identifier, which can be verified through ShareRing Me.

Age Verification

Prove you are over a certain age in less than a second, and access age-gated venues or experiences.

ID Authentication

Selectively share pieces of your information with a business. It could be your name and nationality, or just your DOB. You are always in control of what information is shared with 3rd parties.

Have a credential you’d like ShareRing Me to support? Contact us and we'll be in touch with the next steps.

Core-ID documents guarded in the Vault


Government IDs

Drivers Licenses

Information managed inside ShareRing Me remains guarded and unaccessible by third parties, at all times.

100% secure, 100% private.

New credential schematics are regularly reviewed by our team, and will be made accessible dependant on market needs.