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Provides trust, control and transparency to you, through the use of our own ShareLedger blockchain, encryption processes and digital ‘fingerprints’.


We have created a seamless and highly secure platform enabling you to safely use your personal information and verifiable documents to access multiple industries and services, all from one app.


Stores all of your identity data, personal information, and verifiable documents in your encrypted ShareRing Vault. Your Vault is self-sovereign, meaning it is stored only on your personal device, not on our systems, giving you complete control and privacy of your information.

What will I use ShareRing ID for?

Here are just a few of the many potential applications:

Access Solutions

Access one-off sporting or cultural events, your office, or a hotel, and reduce queuing at check-in using our digital entry process. There are many ways to use ShareRing Access solutions.

Financial Services

Streamlined, eKYC process to speed up and enhance the on-boarding and compliance process for financial institutions.


Apply for a travel visa
Express check-in/registration
Book a taxi, ferry trip, or activity


Rent a house/apartment
Rent a car, bike, or trailer
Peer to peer rentals

Education & Employment

Educational certificate proofs
Vocational accreditations
Employment records
Recruitment & HR management

Other Daily Errand

Buy groceries Order take-away/takeout
Same-day local delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions. Can’t find an answer? Try here please.

Top FAQs

Your ShareRing ID contains your highly secure and encrypted Personal Information Vault, giving you control over your data and how you access our wider ecosystem.

We have developed the Personal Information Vault as the most secure way to store all your personal verifiable documents such as passports, national ID cards, COVID test results, vaccination certificates, insurance papers, travel bookings and more. With these documents all in one place, you can seamlessly access goods and services around the world without compromising your data privacy.

ShareRing ID is self-sovereign, meaning that you, the user, have full control over your personal data, including how it is used and when it is shared. ShareRing will never access or extract your documents from your device, and ShareRing will never store them in a central database.

Using your verified, encrypted identity, you can access a range of services and benefits from one app. You’ll never have to sacrifice privacy for convenience. Your ShareRing ID lets your data work for you.

Skinny ID is the quickest way to create a ShareRing Account, requiring only your email address and full name. With a Skinny ID, you can start to use the app, then, when you wish to book a hotel or service, or to buy something you will be prompted to upload the relevant identity document verification (e.g. verified passport) into your secure personal information vault and you are ready to go.

The ShareRing ecosystem can read and verify over 1,500 identity documents from 190+ countries and businesses, including government issued documents such as passports, national ID cards, drivers licenses, various certificates and health documents.

Seamlessly access the ShareRing ecosystem via our ‘all in one’ app; search, book and pay for services and activities across multiple industries including travel, health, insurance and financial services, whilst remaining in total control of your verified identity, certificates and personal information.

Your data is only ever stored in encrypted format within your ShareRing Personal Information Vault (PIV), held solely on your personal device. No one can access your information without your permission and we never hold a copy of your data on any central database. You will always be prompted to approve or decline when anyone wishes to consume your personal data, and be given access to their terms of service/data privacy policy, so you decide if you are comfortable with their policies and happy that your data will be processed securely.

Yes, to reset your pin, simply navigate to your user settings by clicking on the settings icon in the top left corner of the app home screen.

Once in your user settings, click on “Change Pin”, Confirm your old pin and enter your desired New Pin.

A recovery phrase is the method by which you secure, access and recover your ShareRing account. All of your account information and balance(s) are encrypted with your 12-word “recovery/seed phrase” – the master key for all your assets.

Should you get locked out of the app or wish to set up your account on a new device, inputting your recovery phrase is the ONLY way to access and recover your ShareRing account and the contents of your Personal Information Vault (PIV).

All personal information is encrypted and stored on your phone in your Personal Information Vault (PIV). Data can only be sent to third parties with your confirmed permission.

We never store any personal information on a central database. The only thing kept on the ShareLedger blockchain is a digital fingerprint or “hash”. This ensures your data can never be tampered with. If someone tries to change or misuse your personal data, then, when it is checked against the hash on the blockchain, it will no longer match and will be rejected.

To prevent the leaking or tampering of your data when it’s in the hands of third parties, ShareRing places a watermark over your documents to track where that data is going and names your approved recipient. This watermark means that the third party can only use the data for the purpose you intended.

Unfortunately, there is no recoverability if you lose both the recovery/seed phrase and QR code. We therefore strongly advise that upon creation of your account, you backup the recovery/seed phrase and/or QR code.

The recovery/seed phrase is also stored in an encrypted form within the QR code. So by saving and keeping your QR code safe means you are keeping your recovery phrase safe. A few tips for saving and keeping your recovery/seed phrase safe are:

  • Store in a bank vault or Safety Deposit Box
  • Store in multiple secret places that only you have access to
  • Memorize the recovery phrase (e.g. using the mnemonic pegging technique)
  • Store in a password protected note file that requires biometrics to access (e.g. FaceID / Fingerprint)
  • It is NOT recommended that you store your recovery phrase on an application or device that is connected to the internet

Once you have re-installed the ShareRing App on your new device, simply go to login and enter your 12 word recovery/seed phrase.

Once you have logged in, you will then be asked if you want to restore your ShareRing ID Personal Information Vault (PIV). If you took the precaution of backing up your ID file to a cloud storage provider such as Google or iCloud, you can now simply select download, and your vault will be restored onto your new phone and you can continue to use the ShareRing App from where you left off.

‘Digital fingerprinting’ is what underpins our ecosystem and your data security.

A Digital Fingerprint is when we take a ‘hash’ of the document that’s being verified (like taking a fingerprint). This means that if the document is changed in any way whatsoever (even a single pixel) it’s digital fingerprint won’t match what’s stored on the ShareLedger blockchain.

It therefore provides a 100% guarantee of the details of what information was added and when, including where the information has come from and the information contained within that document.

We also use this process to ensure that you have complete control and transparency over your data and information, as well as providing a guarantee to consumers that the data has not been edited or tampered with through its journey.

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