Guests check in 5x faster

Substantially reduce the amount of manual tasks required during check-in, and authenticate your guests identity and booking details in a matter of seconds.

ShareRing for Hotel Industry

How It Works

Remain compliant with verification policies

Your hotel follows a set of protocols and policies to ensure that guests are who they claim to be. Information shared by guests via Identifi Me have undergone a series of institutional grade verification checks, and effectively reduces the risk and impact of identity fraud on your business obligations.

ShareRing for Hotel Industry

In-built privacy,
designed for hotels

Information shared between guests and the hotel are completely private. Only authorised personnel have access to the records.
Our solution ensures maximum user privacy and security for guests, and the hotel.

ShareRing for Hotel Industry

Comparing Check-In Processes


  • Based on physical documents
  • Requires scanning the physical documents
  • Extra waiting time for scanned documents to be imported into the computer system
  • Manual identity authentication is time intensives, and prone to human error
  • Frequent guests are likely to have their documents duplicated in the hotel database, increasing risk of identity fraud during data leakages
  • Excessive paperwork

Digital ID

  • Digital identity documents are verified and trustworthy
  • Guests can share all their booking information at the scan of a QR code
  • Check-in Identity authentication is completed in less than 3 seconds
  • Front desk spends less time dealing with paperwork, effectively reducing costs and improving guest experience
  • The hotel keeps only the bare minimum amount of guest information, reducing risks associated with data hacks, and also lowers costs.

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