The Identity Chain

The foundational layer for enabling on-chain reputation, and off-chain identity tied to decentralized identifiers (DiDs).

An IBC enabled, permissioned public network for cross-chain identity in Cosmos, and blockchain ecosystems.

ShareRing Foundation

ShareLedger offers developers an expansive set of tools to build identity gated services. IBC enabled + W3C Verifiable Credentials for maximum interoperability.

Web3 Users

Where to start? We've built the Vault for users to create and manage their web3 identity.

Create your hybrid ID to build up your web3 credibility.

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Dive into our docs and resources to get started with building on ShareLedger.

On-chain reputation / Off-chain identity / Identity Communication Protocol.

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The building blocks ofweb3 identity

Verifiable Credentials (W3C)

Issue reputable off-chain credentials directly into the Vault. Based on W3C standards as verifiable credentials.

Shielded Identities

Mint "Shielded Identities" in the form of soulbound identity tokens. Represents attributes or traits of one’s identity. Maintains privacy through Zero Knowledge Information.

Immutable Identity

Mint an "Immutable Identity" in the form of a soulbound  token. Bolster your digital reputation with immutable hashes that represent the untampered nature, and validity of your off-chain credentials.

ShareRing Pro App

The gateway to your web3 future. Access the Vault to create your hybrid identity, and manage your digital assets from the wallet.

Navigate web3 experiences with your digital identity through the Vault.


ShareToken (SHR) , the native token on ShareLedger, powers web3 identity on a foundational level. SHR serves as a means to facilitate transactions on the network by paying gas fees.

The token is also used for governance. Delegate your tokens and voting power to your choice of validator.