100% more secure for
your venue

Authenticate your patron's age and background, and digitally transform your security systems whilst maintaining compliance with identity regulations.

ShareRing for Nightlife Industry

How It Works

Prevent misbehaviour
from bad actors

Check whether a patron is registered as 'banned' across Melbourne or Sydney at the scan of a QR code. ShareRing's solution can connect to a wide range of databases, and match the information against the patrons digital identity.

260+ Countries supported

Patrons come from all countries across the world, and have different types of ID documents. Our solution supports IDs from over 260 countries, and patrons no longer have to bring their physical IDs to the venue.

ShareRing for Nightlife Industry

Know Your Patrons

Set up custom questions via VQL to KYP better,
and provide tailored VIP experiences.

KYP at the scan of a QR code.

We recommend you start by asking your patrons their favourite genre
of music they dance to.

ShareRing for Nightlife Industry

Comparing Security Processes


  • Based on physical IDs
  • Requires scanning the physical IDs
  • Extra waiting time for scanned IDs to be verified against the patron
  • Manual security checks are time intensive, and prone to human error
  • Patrons have to carry important IDs throughout the night
  • Risk of oversight with fraudulent IDs

Digital ID

  • Digital IDs are verified and trustworthy
  • Security at the venue is 99% less likely to be breached due to ID fraud
  • ID authentication is completed in less than 2 seconds
  • Supports IDs from over 260 countries
  • Venue holds the bare minimum amount of information about their patrons, reducing the risks associated with honeypots of data
  • Tailored experiences for patrons with custom information

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