Technology Update - Sprint 42 & 43

May 17, 2023

Welcome to the 2nd of our new tech updates. This one was slightly delayed, as we delayed 1 of our Sprints by 1 week so we can run a workshop in Vietnam to plan out our roadmap for ShareRing Foundations for the next 12 months (and beyond). This exciting roadmap will be published in the next few weeks

Once again, the team has been extremely busy, with a primary focus on improving the Vault verification process, VQL, and also our Vault standalone app (name TBD).

Going forward, we’ll be doing the techn updates every 2 sprints.

Here’s what we achieved in Sprint 42 & 43. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to ask them via our Telegram Channel. We will also be moving to a Discord channel soon so we can have separate forums for our product releases, Q&A, etc.

ShareRing Business Solutions (this is our B2B focused arm)


  • VQL - Fixed security issue with the way the queries could be created.

Mobile App

  • ShareRing Mobile App enhanced VQL deeplink - you can now log in to VQL with any QR scanner, or by tapping the QR from your phone.
  • Add enhanced NFC e-ID workflow and improved OCR and response times
  • Add support for Vietnamese NFC enabled e-ID cards
  • Standalone Vault App: Sign Up, Login, Vault Doc Upload, VQL Scan functionality - full functionality ready to test
  • ShareRing App - Update the query response code within the app to Version 2 (this is the way that the query results are displayed)
  • PWM - Finally released to Play Store BETA and Approved on Chrome Web Store (invites going out next week, iOS to follow).
  • Revamp the UX for adding ‘custom’ information (ie. non verifiable ID related info)


  • Add support for ICAO based active and passive authentication - complete on iOS and Android


  • Added ‘whitelist’ words to the query creation. This ensures that the query can only request specific fields from the user.

Foundational (this is our Blockchain Services focused arm)

  • Queue improvements to handle higher number of concurrent transactions via the apps
  • Improved monitoring for ShareRing backend services (including swapping, tx, apps, API’s, etc) - see screenshots below.
  • Implement improved code review process.
  • ShareRing Web Wallet Extension
  • Update design
  • Add mult-sig functionality
  • Add ability to sign tx from dApps - in development
  • Add ShareLedger support to KEPLR wallet - done, but IBC functionality needs testing.

Our next 2 sprints will primarily focus on completing the standalone ShareRing Vault app (name TBD) and also updating the Vault by making the data more granular and adding a new ‘Trust Score’ system to the ShareRing Vault. In essence, this means that when an organisation requests information from you via VQL or via the SDK, it will allow them to know the certainty of the data. For example, if a website has a QR that simply asks ‘Are you over 18’? They will also be able to define (within the query) whether the information has been ‘Verified’ (ie. mostly for NFC based identity documents with a high certainty), ‘Checked’ (OCR based docs), or simply self certified by the user. Or of a website asks for your name, email addres and date of birth, then each piece of that information might have a different Trust score associated with it, so the company has the flexibility to decide what levels of ‘trust’ are required for the person to use the service or buy the goods.

Here’s some screenshots of our new monitoring dashboard:

And some screens from our Web Wallet: