Fraud proof
digital ID verification

99% more accurate when compared to conventional forms
of in-person verification.

99% more trustworthy with ID information verified by
institutional grade fraud-proof technology.


Information you can trust

Age Verified
and Identity Fraud Proofed

Venues, such as nightclubs, bars, and music festivals, are required by law to ensure that their patrons are of legal age. Regulation mandates age checks prior to admission - this is what we refer to as age-gated.

Age-gated experiences and venues can confidently replace manual security systems with our digital identity solution. Not only does it confidently (and compliant to regulation) verify the age of a patron, it also ensures that the user is who they claim to be.

That's age verified and identity fraud proof handled, all in a matter of seconds.

Fraud Proof
Institutional Grade
Verification Technology

We combine advanced ID verification technology to ensure that users and their digital identities are who they claim to be.  Achieve an identity fraud proof environment with ShareRing.
We leverage the use of:


These are documents or ID cards that have been issued by authorised bodies, such as the government, and contain technology that allow for authenticity and verification checks.

Traditional Credentials

Some documents and ID cards may not contain electronic chips, but these can still be verified. We match different elements of the user's identity against their non-electronic credential to ensure they are who they claim to be.

Facial Identification

We use a combination of live video, still imagery, and facial matching technology to determine whether a user is who they claim to be.

Active and
Passive Checks

We deploy a series of checks to ensure that e-credentials are issued by the correct and authorized body (like a specific government agency), and that the e-chip in the e-credential is authentic.

ShareRing Values

ShareRing never stores information from identity checks.

Our database never retains identity  information, not even for a second.

to the blockchain

When a user has successfully verified their identity, a proof of this is anchored to the ShareLedger blockchain.

By linking a private, and non-decryptable version of the user's identity proof to ShareLedger, businesses or 3rd parties can verify whether a user's identity remains unchanged, or untampered with throughout it's lifetime.

The proof is a string of letters and numbers, and does not reveal any actual information about the user's identity.

Think of it as your DNA - if someone read your DNA they wouldn't be able to identity anything about you as a person, except knowing that the DNA is unique to an individual - and as long as this DNA is not contaminated (untampered with) then it's source can be trusted.

ShareRing for Your Business

ID and Age Verification
with a QR code

Generate a QR code to request specific information from your customers.

Share this QR code with your customers, and ask them to scan it with their digital identity app, Identifi Me.

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