Blockchain digital identities for customer ID verification and digitized data collection.

Our company provides businesses with advanced verification technology solutions, and a trusted reusable identity framework for building reputable customers.

Secure your business’ digital future with ShareRing.

ShareRing Business

Digital identities are pivotal to removing friction from our everyday lives, and drastically improve operations across all businesses.

The ShareRing Team smiling for a group photo

Who we are

Sharering, founded in 2019, is a blockchain technology company in the digital identity industry. Our mission is to remove friction from conventional business operations and individual user digital experiences, through the use of verified digital IDs. By creating truly self-sovereign environments, our solution significantly reduces business risks associated with cyber threats and protects individuals against the misuse of their personal information.

ShareRing Business

Leadership behind ShareRing

Tim Bos


Blockchain engineer and successful entrepreneur

Raymond Shuai


Versatile CFO experienced in finance, fundraising and licensing

Claire Martin

Product Lead

Agile evangelist focused on user driven development

Jonathon Liu

Creative Marketing Manager

Web3 builder experienced with tech startups, and blockchain built solutions.