ShareRing Tech Update – 12th, September 2019

April 13, 2023

Hi ShareRing community,

Another fortnight has flown by and we are here to keep you updated on all the latest news.

In tech news:

Last fortnights accomplishments:

  • Haversine method has been implemented to calculate distance on bookings
  • Platform now allows for users to cancel their booking
  • Pending bookings can now be processed
  • API connection has been established for transfer of SHRP between wallets

Ongoing tasks:

  • Integration of API to be completed for transfer SHRP between wallets
  • Connecting the Onfido API for user credentials
  • Hotel static API integration for amenities data
  • Ability to make payment with other cryptocurrencies
  • Fixing issues and improvements as fed back from the Masternode holders

In other news:

ShareRing’s first Hackathon ran last week, in partnership with RMIT Blockchain Club. It was a huge success with ShareSimplify taking out the winning prize. This team expertly presented a current problem in the travel industry and created a simple yet genius solution.

Their pitch consisted of three components.

1 ShareSimplify – A collaborative holiday booking system. Ever booked a holiday with friends or family and found it difficult to keep track of the plan and costs? ShareSimplify developed a working product to solve this problem, one itinerary that everyone has access too. Functionality included financials breakdown/split, invite new members and the ability to save favourites.

2 ShareTransfer – A friend drops out? No problem! Their proven prototype illustrated how that portion of the trip could be transferred to another person or split between the remaining group through a Smart Contract from a ShareRing smart wallet.

3 ShareJoin – Using dynamic data the groups could select interests, activities, amount of people etc. and have pre-populated what’s available and what suits their needs showcasing real reviews.

On the partnership front, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with The Australian Luggage Co. Formed in 1996 and proudly Australian owned and operated, The Australian Luggage Co. offers fantastic brands such as Tosca, Disney and Kosciuszko, to name just a few. With more than 30 years in the business, the team at The Luggage Co. are a proven leader in the luggage game!

More information on how ShareRing Members can get their hands on some awesome luggage and accessories coming soon!

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Until next time.

From the team at ShareRing