ShareRing – Back up your OneID with Google Drive & iCloud

April 13, 2023


For a user creating their first OneID, the entire submission process requires less than two minutes from start to finish. Once your OneID has been created, you will not be required to do the process again, unless the following occurs: 

• A Change of Phone 
• Erasing App Data 
• Any Information Changes 

To create your ShareRing OneID, simply: 

• Take a picture of your government ID document 
• Take a selfie 
• Confirm and submit your details 

Back-Up your OneID to Google Drive or iCloud 

Having to retake photos of your identity documents can be a hassle, as such, ShareRing allows you the option to upload and back up identity documents to your iCloud or Google Drive account. 

Then, If you ever need to restart the OneID process again, the identity document you backed up can be recalled easily, speeding up the whole process even more. 

Securing your Back Up 

Some concerns may arise when using these services to store your valuable identity documents, due to breaches in their security in the past. As such, your back up will be encrypted with the same technology used on our blockchain. This means that if you could get into that file, then you could get into any account on our blockchain. In other words, it’s extremely safe. 

Identity documents backed up are encrypted with your public key; in which an individual could only decrypt using your private key. In the event of your identity documents being decrypted, changes made to the photo or any other details will automatically render it useless. This happens as the fingerprint of the file would change; becoming incompatible with your OneID fingerprint on the blockchain.