ShareRing App v1.0 has been SUBMITTED to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Samsung Galaxy Store

April 13, 2023

This week marks a major milestone in our development of the ShareRing ecosystem. After 3 years of tireless planning, building, rebuilding, testing, and re-testing, we have submitted v1.0 of the ShareRing app to the Google Play, Samsung Galaxy, and Apple App stores.

This blog will help to detail what’s included in version 1.0 of the app, as well as give you a hint at what’s to come.

Before we get into the details, let’s get one thing out of the way. Staking and Swapping is NOT included in this version of the app. Our commitment to our corporate clients to release the app for eKYC and ShareRing Access required us to de-prioritise it for this release. Rest assured though, it will be added to the next version of the app within the next 6 weeks. I’m sure that you would all agree that ‘real world’ usage needed to take priority in this case.

What’s included in v1.0 of the app:

  • ShareRing ID sign up, which includes;
  • ID Card, Passport and Driver’s license scanning and checking for over 2500 ID types from around the world.
  • Face-match and liveness detection.
  • Document proof (digital hash) stored on the blockchain
  • eKYC sign-up, ID and document solutions for financial institutions.
  • ShareRing Vault, which includes
  • Storage and document proof of self-sovereign identity documents
  • Storage and document proof of Health Documents
  • Storage and document proof of address verification
  • ShareRing Access
  • For supported events and venues, you can gain express entry by scanning the ShareRing QR code at the entrance. We are currently piloting this and will roll it out in select locations over the coming months.
  • Along with ShareRing Access is the Web App that is available for venues and events to successfully verify identity, age, or health status of customers that enter.
  • SHR Wallet
  • This has limited functionality until staking and swapping is activated.
  • Document Issuance
  • One of the supporting apps for the ShareRing ecosystem is our Document Issuance app. This is a versatile app that’s used by document issuers such as the health centers, credit unions, etc. It allows them to scan and digitally sign any ‘verified at source’ documents that are added to your ShareRing Vault. A full explanation on ‘Verified at Source’, ‘Self Verified’, and ‘ShareRing Verified’ will be published in the coming weeks.

What’s on our roadmap:

This list is in no particular order and may change based on external priorities, but here is a subset of the main features and products that we are adding over the coming months.

  • Offline Access – During our pilot tests of ShareRing Access we identified improvement opportunities for areas with low/no cellular coverage. Our solution is Offline Access. This provides the same level of functionality as the existing ShareRing Access, but will work without any cellular network.
  • Staking – Staking is complete and going through some final regression testing. There’s one small issue with how we’re displaying transaction history in the app, but the rest is working well.
  • Swapping – We have redesigned our swapping functionality to utilise smart contracts for the SHR/ERC20 swaps. This is expected to be ready for internal testing within the next couple of weeks. We will test and release it soon after.
  • ShareRing Payments – We have put a huge amount of work into our payment system, including the regulatory hurdles required to ensure we do this properly.
  • Accommodation – Our ShareRing Travel system moved into user acceptance testing (UAT) today. The next step after testing is complete, is to gain certification from Rakuten Travel Exchange, before launching in Q4 of this year. We will add the express check-in functionality after the initial accommodation rollout. This will be activated in parallel to a number of travel destinations opening for business.
  • Smart Contracts for ShareLedger – When we activate the smart contracts module on ShareLedger, anyone will be able to build their own DAO that takes advantage of the protocols that we have built for identity, access, ShareRing Vault, NFT’s, or DeFi.
  • Dependants – ShareRing Vault will be updated to allow you to add any dependents (such as children) to your vault. This will be beneficial for Visa applications, Travel bookings, Event access, and many other areas.
  • Activities – Through our partnership with a world’s major activities provider, we will be allowing you to book activities, such as cooking classes, tours, fishing trips, etc through the ShareRing App.
  • QR Code Issuance – A completely offline ShareRing ID experience for people without smartphones.
  • eKYC v2.0 – An enhanced KYC experience with expanded functionality for insurance companies and financial institutions.

We are very excited and proud of this initial release of the ShareRing App, and we look forward to welcoming you on our journey as we build out our ecosystem.