ShareRing App Release Notes – 12th, October 2019

April 13, 2023

Below are the release notes for our latest app release which is going out to the testers this weekend (we’ve rolled up 2 weeks of release notes in this one, as we missed the last one). In addition to these notes, we are finally moving our testnet to ‘Voyagernet’ (our term for pre-production) this weekend. As part of this, we will be adding 5-10 more masternodes over the weekend, as well as assisting our masternode holders to add their nodes.  We will also be releasing a major update to the Tendermint code over the next week. This essential update will have a number of performance improvements, as well as allowing us to turn off mining of empty blocks (resulting in more efficiency).

We have also been working hard on our API and merchant dashboard (see the screenshot below). This will allow us to offer a full white-label app service to hotels, tour operators and activities providers. We already have a list of 150 hotels in Vietnam who have expressed interest, as well as operators in South Africa, Europe, Australia and Thailand who have all reached out to us.

A major accomplishment this week was our crypto payment integration. We will be making a couple of small tweaks next week to help reduce the spread and ensure we can fix the rate more effectively.

We have also included a bit of a roadmap for the tasks we are working on for the rest of Q4. At this stage, it’s likely that we’ll launch car rentals next, followed by the merchant dashboard. We also have flight bookings (with direct to airline bookings!), reward points, and a number of other great things on our roadmap for early next year.

Accomplishments this week:

  • Crypto Payments
  • Fix bugs on crypto payment integration
  • Improve exchange rate dynamic calculation mechanism
  • Fine-tune payment settlement times
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Improve hotel search function and speed
  • Add hotel static files to ShareRing DB (1.5m+ hotels)
  • Update AppSync and Elasticsearch functionality
  • Complete Booking History Screen – SA-143
  • Move all booking history data to the server
  • Crypto Payments – SA-115 & SA-165
  • Pay for bookings with BTC/ETH/BNB
  • Create a cron job to automatically cancel “Changelly” bookings with delayed payment
  • KYC Process – SA-176 & SA-178
  • Fix bugs for KYC and Shareledger
  • Improve ShareLedger photo hashing mechanism
  • User Profile Screen Improvement – SA-132
  • ShareLedger
  • Minor performance fixes and updates
  • Commence upgrade to latest Tendermint
  • Car Rental Service – SA-141
  • Mobile UI – 80% of all screens finished
  • Finalise business flow
  • Backend Functions Develop GraphQL APIs and DB – in progress

Known Issues/notes:

  • Prices for Hotels are NOT the final price. These will only be available when we go live.
  • Crypto payments are REAL. Let us know if you want to test, so we can send the transaction.
  • The expiry date on the crypto payment screen is wrong. It will be changed to 30min with a countdown this week.

Planned for rest of Q4:

  • Car Rental Service
  • Mobile UI – Finish 20% remaining screens
  • Complete APIs and DB
  • Integrating to mobile app – blocked until have account
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Extend Hotel Search across multiple aggregators and direct to hotels
  • Develop back-end functions
  • Integrate the API to mobile app
  • Add promotions (including promo codes)
  • Crypto Payments
  • Improve crypto payments with new fixed rate API to reduce spread
  • Add more crypto payment options (let me know what you want to see!)
  • ShareLedger
  • Upgrade ShareLedger – finished next week
  • Publish GraphQL API for ShareLedger mutations and queries
  • Activities – (we’ve signed the contract!!)
  • Design UX flow and UI
  • Create backend API and ShareLedger integration
  • Integrate to mobile app
  • Car Rental Service
  • Implement mobile UI – See attached for some screens of the car rental UI.
  • Support traditional car rentals – integrate with 2 major rental companies
  • Add support for short term car sharing
  • Add support for subscription vehicle services (long term rental)
  • BE Functions
  • Define business flow
  • Define DB structure and technical workflow
  • Develop APIs and DB
  • Merchant dashboard Improve Merchant Dashboard, with a focus on providing a white label interface for hotels, tour operators and activities providers.

Here’s a few teasers of what’s to come!