Results of the ShareRing Shop Pilot

April 13, 2023

ShareRing Shop’s pilot has been a great success, underpinned by a large marketing campaign to over 100,000 residents in SE Melbourne.

In April we began our pilot of the ShareRing Shop, a delivery app and marketplace that enables customers to order groceries or goods from local businesses with same-day delivery.

The trial was launched in Melbourne, Australia covering around 51,000 households to prepare for our expansion of the service to Thailand in Q3, spearheaded by 2 large partners in the region.

ShareRing Shop was well-received by the Melbourne residents, with orders showing an impressive increase following our marketing campaign reaching over 100,000 residents in the area.

Our successful trial in SE Melbourne

Everything started with our successful trial in Melbourne. The trial covered around 51,000 households and we are already seeing a massive increase in interest for our service! Some of this can be attributed to the recent lockdown due to concerns of a second wave of COVID19 from the Australian Government.

Although much of our focus remains leveraging the advantages of our blockchain and our stable coin SHRP, we design our products and services to cater to everyone. Customers can quickly sign up, shop and pay with their credit or debit card, facilitating local currencies which are automatically converted to SHRP.

We are not only concerned with customers or stores but also our drivers, which play a critical role in the success of ShareRing Shop. We want our delivery app to be more attractive and profitable than our competitors, and since the cost of our infrastructure is so low, we decided to give 100% of our delivery fees to our drivers.

We have been able to achieve impressive growth in the past few months thanks to numerous successful marketing campaigns aimed at conveying our message and mission to potential customers.

ShareRing Shop Melbourne Marketing Campaign

We have also received amazing feedback from our funny and truthful ads and we plan to continue to market our services and products this way in the future.

ShareRing Shop Explained

Our vision with ShareRing Shop is to create an all-in-one, convenient platform and delivery app that supports local businesses. ShareRing Shop is not only the first but also the only multi-merchant online store in Australia that can deliver your goods and products on the same day.

The unprecedented pandemic disrupted marketplaces, shops, and stores globally forcing millions of people into lockdown and quarantine measures. As we explored possible solutions, we discovered there were very few platforms offering a delivery service for retailers that have low entry barriers. We decided to tackle this problem head-on and build our own.

The Main Features and Benefits of Using ShareRing Shop

ShareRing Shop focuses on helping and benefiting customers and local businesses with an easy-to-use, free service to facilitate same-day delivery. We currently offer thousands of products from more than 150 different retailers.

The rising trend in online shopping shows more consumers are purchasing goods from larger retailers outside of their local area, resulting in decreasing revenue for local businesses. ShareRing Shop is a delivery app offering a free service for businesses and customers to trade with each other in a secure, fast, and convenient marketplace.

The sign-up process is simple and fast, allowing anyone to start shopping almost instantly. Customers can also opt to register with our ShareRing ID system, a blockchain-powered sovereign identity solution, that comes with amazing benefits like: 

●     Access to the ShareRing ecosystem. You can use the same ID to rent cars, book travel services, buy insurance, and more.

●     All purchases are verified on the blockchain.

●     Loyalty programs with blockchain-issued reward points.

●     Pay with crypto or any fiat currencies with little or no FX fee.

●     Special discounts, only available to ShareRing members.

The ShareRing Shop checkout process is also quite simple and intuitive, allowing customers to quickly add any product they like in the basket and complete the entire process within minutes. For orders under $50, we charge a flat-rate of $10 per order. However, anything over $50 receives free delivery. Furthermore, ShareRing is the only marketplace that gives 100% of the delivery fee charged to gig-economy freelance drivers, a stark contrast from most freelance driving and delivery apps that keep 30% or more in many cases.

It’s also free and easy for retailers to register and partner with ShareRing to expand their business, increase sales, and access an assortment of analytical tools to track orders and revenue.

SharePay and The ShareRing App

Our blockchain has two tokens, the ShareToken (SHR), our utility token for the entire ecosystem, and SharePay (SHRP) used as a stable currency for services on the ShareRing platform. Retailers are incentivized to use SharePay as it is not only cheaper but far more secure thanks to our proprietary blockchain technology.

In order to further encourage the use of SHRP tokens, we have decided to apply discounts on many products and services when using SHRP. ShareRing Shop has already been added into our ShareRing app designed to become the ‘AMAZON’ of the travel marketplace.

How we are handling the Coronavirus pandemic

Lastly, we wanted to take a moment and discuss all the current hurdles we and others are encountering due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are committed to maintaining public health and the safety of everyone by making sure all our deliveries are completely contactless. Of course, we also practise social distancing during the entire process and all our drivers always sanitize their hands before and after any pickup. 

ShareRing Shop Card Sent with Orders.

It’s now mandatory to wear masks in Melbourne. So to help our neighbours out while there’s a shortage, we went around and delivered free packs of disposable masks to them. Courtesy of the ShareRing Shop!

ShareRing Shop Thailand Rollout

Stay tuned for our next ShareRing Shop update, we’ve incorporated some great feedback from our Melbourne pilot and are fully prepared to take Thailand by storm and disrupt the current “competitors” in the space.

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