What is VQL?

August 30, 2023

Hey there! Following our recent coverage of system integrators, we're now diving into VQL - a term you've probably heard a lot about. 

Let's finally explore what it's all about!

What is VQL?

Vault Query Language, or in shorthand VQL, is a code-based language built for developers building dapps that leverage information inside the Vault.

The Vault is an on-and-off hybrid identity solution, through with an individual creates, manages and utilised their digital identity.

Whilst the Vault offers self-custodial options for individual users, it still needs to provide the mechanics to exchange identity information from point A (the Vault) to point B (eg, an identity-gated feature in a dapp)

VQL is that mechanic through which developers can code a request for information from the Vault. 

To simplify the experience, we’ve built VQL into a web-based platform. 

Developers (or anyone with a Vault) can login to their unique VQL account using and start generating QR codes.

These QR codes are embedded with requests into the Vault, and information (at the approval of an individual user) is made shareable between the different parties.

We previously shared a demo for business owners. Check the video here.

Using VQL: Immediate Benefits for Businesses

Having VQLs set up for businesses comes with various benefits.

It would be the ability to simplify and streamline overall processes that bring various benefits. 

Here is an immediate list of benefits for your businesses

  • Simplifies data integration and exchange between different systems
  • Improves data accuracy and consistency across multiple platforms
  • Reduces the need for manual data entry and processing, saving time and resources
  • Enables faster and more efficient decision-making with real-time data access
  • Increases the scalability and flexibility of business operations
  • Enhances security and compliance by ensuring data privacy and regulatory compliance
  • And many more! 

Stay tuned for our next article, where we will delve into what VQLs can do.

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