How to: bridge your ShareToken (SHR)

January 31, 2024

In this installment of our "How To" series, we will learn how to bridge your SHR tokens. For information on other key features of the ShareRing App, please visit the homepage of our ShareRing Foundation blog.

To successfully transfer SHR tokens between different chains, it is crucial to perform the bridge function. If you intend to transfer your SHR tokens between your external wallets and Shareledger wallet, please follow the guide below to bridge your SHR Tokens from Shareledger to other networks.

Please be aware that a fee of 400 SHR tokens will be charged each time you perform the bridge function. When executing the action, consider the transaction fee to ensure the accurate transfer of your tokens.

Alternatively, should you wish you receive SHR tokens from another network, please follow the guidelines below.

For a more comprehensive understanding of ShareRing, kindly visit our homepage or consult our blog for additional information. Stay tuned for future updates as we introduce more exciting features of the ShareRing App.