ShareRing Link: A deep dive into the digital identity features and security design for businesses

March 26, 2024

ShareRing Link is a digital identity communication platform for businesses, built for customer verification and exchange of information in a cryptographically protected environment. In our last article, we introduced Link and explained at a high-level the features and benefits. With this article, we’ll dive deeper into the feature-rich platform, and explain how it’s applicable to your business operations.

Lightning-fast verification and data collation 

Link is built for the internet of today - rapidly fast, highly efficient, and instantly accessible. To achieve verification and data collation in a matter of seconds, we’ve created a feature that verifies and collates information at incredible speeds using QR codes. Simply set up the QR in the Link dashboard, assign the identity and credibility attributes you want from your customers, and display the QR code across your digital (and physical) touchpoints.

Setting up the information you want from your customers

When setting up your QR codes, you’ll be prompted to choose the customer information you want from your customers. There are over 56 pre-set choices for your business to choose from, as well as a custom option that allows you to set up your request for any other information in text form. To see the full list of pre-set keywords, visit our documentation page here.

Let’s say you’re onboarding a new staff member and you need to collect some basic information. You could set up a QR code that requests the following information:

  • Age
  • Name
  • Passport Country
  • Passport Photo

(Shows image of this set-up)

Custom options are limitless in the information you can capture. You could set up a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ response for a poll, or you could submit

(Shows image of this set-up) 

Assigning the level of credibility

Each piece of information shared by a user to the business is assigned one of the following three labels:

  • ShareRing Verified
  • ShareRing Checked
  • User Added

(3rd Party Issued, coming soon) 

ShareRing Verified is currently the highest tier of credibility, as the information has gone through the full series of checks with our institutional grade (and DIATF-certified) verification technology. ShareRing Checked is information that has undergone basic checks under our technology, whilst User Added has undergone zero information checks.

At setup, your team can assign the level of credibility required for each individual piece of information. For example, an age restricted private party may set up its entry requirements as below:

Name - ShareRing Checked

Age - ShareRing Verified

Secret access code - User Added

Industry-leading and government-certified verification technology

Whilst Link is where a business conducts their day-to-day identity needs management, it is through ShareRing Me where users verify their information before creating a digital identity. ShareRing Me is an app (iOS/Android) where individual users authenticate their information before digitizing it to be used across the internet. Once information is verified inside ShareRing Me, it remains only inside their smartphone, completely guarded and walled against external parties unless authorized by the user. 

Businesses on all plans have access to ShareRing Me for free, and their users/customers can easily download the app to verify their identity. The verification technology is a customized workflow built specifically by ShareRing, and combines the elements of facial recognition, text recognition, NFC reading capabilities, cryptography, and authenticity checks to ensure that users and their digital identities are who they claim to be. Our blockchain technology also creates an environment to check for immutability - if fraudulent changes are made to one’s digital identity, it would be made apparent to the business.

Your customers and users can download ShareRing Me here. iOS and Android.

Built for businesses, Designed for teams.

Whether you have one or multiple in your team, Link can be accessed by more than one user (requires a Business plan).  Your admin simply needs to add other team members to Link, and they’ll have access to the platform. See below for a breakdown of functions assigned to each user group of Link


  • Admin can invite users to the dashboard 
  • Admin can invite, remove users 
  • Admin can grant/revoke admin access to users 
  • Admin has access to create, read, update, delete any data (reports, queries, requests) in the dashboard


  • Users have access to create, read, update, delete any data in the dashboard

Connecting an external CRM

In line with our values on privacy and security, Link was designed as a means of communication, not storage. Information requested through your QR codes are directly pushed to an external CRM system of your choice. Simply connect your database via the API page, which can be found on the left navigation bar.

Safeguarded environment for sensitive data

Zero Trust Architecture: Our infrastructure adheres to the “Zero Trust model”, which essentially treats every user, device, and network interaction as potentially untrusted. This approach safeguards your business and digital environment, whilst also enhancing our ability to detect and respond to any malicious activity promptly. 

Encryption Protocols: Robust encryption mechanisms are implemented at various levels, safeguarding data both in transit (TLS, SSL) and at rest (Encrypted Storage engine, Database encryption-at-rest). This ensures that sensitive information (if any) remains confidential and protected against unauthorized access at all times, whether it be stored inside the user’s ShareRing Me app, or whilst the data is being sent from user to your business. 

Continuous Monitoring and Auditing: Our security protocols include continuous monitoring and auditing to detect abnormal behavior and potential security incidents in real-time. This enables us to respond swiftly to emerging threats and maintain a vigilant security posture.