How to: find your seedphrase

September 11, 2023

In the 5th part of the "How To" series, we will learn how to find your seed phrase from the ShareRing App.

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For those of you familiar with crypto wallets, you understand that your seed phrase is used to recover access to digital assets inside your ShareRing wallet. However, we have created an additional use for your private keys for security purposes.

The private key associated with your seed phrase is also used to encrypt your Vault backups, which means that anyone with your seed phrase (hopefully, it's only you) will have access to not just your wallet but also Vault backups. Keeping your seed phrase secure is of the utmost importance.

Follow the steps below to secure your ShareRing wallet seed phrase.

Always remember that once someone has your seed phrase or private key, they will be able to gain access to all the assets in your ShareRing Wallet. Also, please be mindful that the ShareRing Team will never ask for your seed phrase.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our ShareRing App.