Troubleshooting Guide for Staking

September 25, 2023

This article explores various problems you may face when staking your ShareToken (SHR), and provides guidelines on how to resolve the issues.

Staking on ShareRing

Staking SHR helps secure the ShareLedger network, and in return for locking up your tokens you receive rewards proportionate to the amount staked vs total value staked in the masternode of your choice, transaction volume, and staking period. 

Before you consider staking, consider the following points:

Staking Requirements:

  • Staking is accessible through the ShareRing Pro app. You’ll need to bridge your SHR into the ShareRing wallet before you can stake.
  • There is no minimum amount or duration to stake
  • Staking bears inherent risks, and by no means guarantees or warrants any connection to profit, or characteristics of an investment.
  • When unstaking:
  • It will take 21 days to unbond before tokens will be added to your account
  • If you have rewards with a validator and you choose to stake more, your current rewards will be unstaked/restaked your current rewards will be withdrawn to your account and then restaked with the new request details

How are Staking Rewards calculated?

After successfully staking, your rewards will begin from the next block. Each masternode (validator) will calculate their own commission value on rewards. If a validator is jailed, it is likely there will be a deduction in your rewards. If the validator changes the commission there will also be a change in your rewards.

Step by Step guide on staking from ShareRing Pro App

Still not receiving rewards?

If you have fulfilled the requirements as well as followed the above procedure but still have not received your rewards, please continue reading.

1) Are you claiming rewards the correct way?

Users need to withdraw their reward in order to claim it in their wallet. Ways for the user to receive their rewards:
1. Withdraw or claim it
2. Restake or unstake 

In both cases the rewards will be automatically added to the user's account. 

2) Validators committing enough blocks?

Validator needs to successfully commit at least one block in order to receive rewards.  

3) Is it still within the unbonding period?

Please note that rewards will be immediately paused upon unbonding, and this includes the 21 days. During this unbonding period, you will not be receiving rewards and will only be able to withdraw your tokens post the 21 days.

4) Have you bonded your SHR?

Please check and verify whether the SHR from your wallet is indeed bonded. You should be able to verify this information from the top of the staking interface page under the wallet tab.

5. Is your payout pending?

Sometimes the payout is still being processed and will not be immediately available in your wallet. Please head to to check on the status of the transaction.


Voting Power: A validator can have small or large voting power. The larger the voting power, the more often the validator is tasked with issuing a block. Voting power is closely linked to the reward amount you can expect

  • If your chosen validator has large voting power, your rewards come frequently (for example, every minute) but in small numbers.
  • If your chosen validator has small voting power, your rewards come infrequently (for example, every hour) but in large numbers.

Self-Delegated: The stake amount the validator himself has staked.

Commission: The commission % the delegator pays the validator. This is used for every single block calculations.

Uptime: The % the validator is online and active (to sign blocks and produce blocks). If this is running low that means the validator is not active and risk of being jailed / token slashed