What Is ShareRing Business Solutions?

July 13, 2023

66% of businesses struggle to balance security and a seamless customer experience.

Businesses are facing an ongoing challenge in verifying customer identities and preventing fraud, especially with the increased reliance on digital channels due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Identity theft is the top cause of fraud for 47% of businesses, indicating a growing need for businesses to establish a safe and trustworthy identity solution.

To address this challenge, businesses need more efficient and effective identity verification solutions that balance security and a seamless customer experience.

As a digital identity blockchain tech company, we're transforming the concept and mechanics of identities for the new era of the internet.

Our institutional-grade technology gives businesses accurate data to build a trustworthy relationship with their customers.

Businesses can seamlessly integrate our technology into their existing systems and processes without the need for major changes; making it efficient to verify and establish reusable digital identities for your customers.

Digital Identity Verification: The Crucial Safety Measure of Today

Let's face it - online transactions are the norm in today's digital world. But, with convenience comes risk - the risk of identity theft and fraud. 

That's why digital identity verification is a crucial safety measure for businesses.

At ShareRing, we offer digital identity checks that benefit various industries, including alcohol distribution, gambling sectors, and more. 

For example, these checks are crucial in verifying the legal drinking age of individuals purchasing alcohol.

This is typically done through digital means, such as government-issued identification documents or biometric data.

By preventing underage individuals from accessing alcohol, these checks uphold legal and ethical standards. These checks can assist alcohol retailers in complying with regulations and avoiding penalties for selling alcohol to minors.

Streamline Your Business With ShareRing’s Digital Identity Solution

As a division, ShareRing Business Solutions is dedicated to helping the future of businesses by equipping them with innovative tools. 

Our digital identity solution significantly reduces the risk of human error or intervention in verification processes whilst streamlining businesses’ operational procedures. 

This is the first introduction to ShareRing Business Solutions - our next post will be about our Digital Identity Solution featuring expert insights from ShareRing. 

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