ShareRing Link: A digital identity management platform for businesses

March 26, 2024

ShareRing is excited to announce our first and newest release for 2024, ShareRing Link - a digital identity communication platform for businesses. With Link, businesses can credibly verify their customers' information across digital channels, and easily collate customer data in seconds. The verification technology is recognized under the UK’s DIATF, and removes the need for manual authentication of data and excessive paperwork management. Link is an industry and technology-agnostic platform, though it is currently tailored for for customer identity verification, specifically age, digital identity, KYC and CDD. Begin your digital transformation with Link, and streamline day-to-day interactions with your customers in this next era of the internet. 

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If you run a business, you know that your customers are your most important asset. As modern-day consumers shift their day-to-day interactions online, businesses must also adapt and undergo digital transformation to build new relationships with their customers. 

Typically, digital transformation takes place in the form of your customers, infrastructure, operations, and interaction touchpoints. As a blockchain technology business, we intrinsically understand these concepts and have established our products, as well as an organization to be effective in a digital environment. With this experience, we decided to bring to the market a new transformation tool for businesses that need to streamline their customer’s digital interactions and internal business operations, whilst remaining compliant with identity due diligence regulations.

ShareRing Link (Link), is as the name suggests, the link between your business and customers. As day-to-day interactions move online, the need for trusted digital relationships exponentially increases given that information is no longer physically exchanged and authenticated. At a conceptual level, Link was born to solve the challenges around digital identity verification and data exchange.

The power of Link lies in its ability to customize the type of information a business requests from its customers, whether it be their full name and email, or maybe full name; nationality; and proof of income. Whatever information your business needs from customers, Link allows you to capture that information in a matter of seconds with a QR code. Here’s an article that explains in detail the type of information you can verify and capture about your customers.

Earlier, we mentioned ‘credibility’ and this is a recurring concept across Link, and broadly ShareRing. What makes Link unique is that the information captured by a business is categorized into different tiers of ‘credibility’, which can be understood as trusted information, reputable data, verified etc. The business, at set up, determines the level of credibility attached to each piece of customer information they want to capture. Let use a digital bank as an example - they would likely need all customer data to be authenticated and prescreened for account set-up KYC, whereas for their monthly newsletter sign-up they may not need customer information to be verified. We’ll dive deeper into our verification technology in a follow-up article here, and how we are authorized under the United Kingdom’s Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.

As a blockchain and digital identity company, we are acutely aware of the risks associated with cyber threats and data leaks. With this in mind, Link is designed with cryptographic security to protect not only your business but also your customers. Your Link account is cryptographically protected against hackers and non-authorised access. 

With a founder and an executive team coming from technology backgrounds, we understand the complexities around standardization and compatibility of software and platforms. Link is built to be technology agnostic, meaning it can be easily integrated into any existing business operation and framework. There are no limitations as to operating systems, compatibility with other software, or code. Link is incredibly easy to integrate into your business, and takes as little as 5 minutes to start verifying your customer’s information. 

Aside from being technology agnostic, Link is also industry agnostic and can be used to verify information from all types of customers regardless of their sector. Businesses that are mandated by law to verify their customers identities would benefit greatly from Link, given that the technology is compliant with laws around identity verification in the UK and Australia. Pre-screening customers are made easier with Link, which you can learn more about here.

What we refer to as our digital identity solution is essentially two individual products that work synergistically with one another, Link representing one of the two; the other being ShareRing Me. Our digital identity solution is made for businesses, with Link being the business’ primary interface, whereas ShareRing Me is made for your customers. To learn more about ShareRing Me and how your customers can verify and create their digital identity, click here.

For a limited time only, the basic version of Link will be made FREE. Businesses can familiarise themselves with the platform and engage with their customers. Information collected through the basic plan is limited to ‘user-added’, which is non-verified information. For enterprise needs, plans start at $490USD / month (20% off if paid annually), and verified customer data starts at just $0.10USD, which is significantly lower than the market average of $1.50USD.

We’ll be releasing new material in the next two weeks to explain Link in more detail.