ShareRing enters into a technology collaboration with VisaHQ

March 14, 2024

ShareRing enters into a memorandum of agreement for technical collaboration with VisaHQ,  a visa service and U.S. passport solution for travellers to apply online for travel visas. This collaboration will see the integration of ShareRing Me and ShareRing Link into VisaHQ’s platforms, and enable travellers to apply for travel visas using their digital identities.

VisaHQ provides unmatched, cutting-edge online technologies for travelers to apply for travel visas through their website. They offer innovative technology that simplifies the visa application process, and ensures the highest degree of security for their users’ personal information.

"We are excited to partner with ShareRing to leverage their innovative blockchain digital identity solution to streamline and enhance the visa application process for our users," says Oleg Naydonov, VisaHQ's Executive Chairman.

ShareRing’s blockchain digital identity solution will transform the visa application processes for users of VisaHQ. Application submission and processing times will be significantly reduced with the use of digital identities, managed by the applicant, and data security will be significantly heightened with ShareRing’s self-sovereign design.

ShareRing’s self-sovereign identity sets a new practice for the visa travel industry and is a tangible example of how personal digital data has formed an inseparable part of our day-to-day interactions. What we’re certain is that there’s going to be a new wave of digital transformation for all businesses, especially those looking 10 to 20 years into the future and how their stakeholder relationships will evolve,” says Jonathon Liu, VP of Marketing at ShareRing.

With this collaboration, VisaHQ travel visa applicants can set up their digital identities through ShareRing Me - the digital identity application built by ShareRing. Applicants will then proceed to grant VisaHQ permission to access their digital identities and selectively share information to proceed with their applications. Through digital identities, VisaHQ manages considerably less sensitive user data whilst applicants maintain greater control and privacy over their information. This embodies the fundamentals of how the next generation of the internet will be operated, by both businesses and individuals.

Travellers can expect to access visa booking with digital identities in Q2 of 2024. To learn more about VisaHQ please visit