ShareRing Achieves Accreditation Under The UK "Digital Identities and Attributes Trust Framework" (DIATF)

November 2, 2023
ShareRing certified under the UK DIATF

ShareRing, a true self-sovereign digital identity blockchain Australian company, proudly announces its achievement as one of the first in the industry to be accredited under the “Digital Identities and Attributes Trust Framework” (DIATF) in the United Kingdom. This accomplishment marks a significant advancement in ShareRing’s technology and reaffirms the company’s commitment to reusable digital identity authentication in a secure and private environment.

By securing the accreditation, ShareRing can now offer its digital identity solution for digital ID authentication, with the addition of ID verification for land registry purposes in the UK.  

ShareRing’s digital identity technology gives businesses an end-to-end solution to prove their customer’s identity whether it’s for financial KYC and customer due diligence (CDD), age and ID verification, venue and guest management, or corporate identity management. Businesses would manage their digital identity needs through a web-based platform, whilst their customers create and control their reusable digital ID through the Identifi Me app, where they have complete sovereignty over their personal information.

When businesses need to verify their customer’s identity, they start by deciding on the information they need and the level of trust required. Below are some questions that a business may consider:

  • How confident your business needs to be in someone’s identity
  • What evidence your customers are likely to have
  • How many pieces of evidence you need
  • What specific pieces of identity information your business actually needs

For example, your business needs evidence of a customer’s name and photo. Your customers, as one option, could have verified a genuine e-passport to their digital identity. Your business would then only request a ‘ShareRing Verified’ name and photo ID, allowing your customers to share only the minimum information required, whilst your business handles less sensitive information. 

The DIATF is overseen by UK government authorities and is a comprehensive framework for establishing trusted and secure digital identity ecosystems. It defines robust standards, principles, and requirements that accredited companies, like ShareRing, must meet to guarantee the integrity, privacy, and reliability of user data, while minimizing the risk of identity fraud and cyber threats.

"Digital identities are pivotal to removing friction from our everyday lives, and drastically improve operational efficiency across all businesses," said Tim Bos, Founder of ShareRing. "The UK leads the way in digital ID regulation, and with the accreditation, ShareRing can confidently partner with public and private sectors in Australia and the UK."

ShareRing’s self-sovereign identity solution is built with blockchain technology (Tendermint PoS and Cosmos SDK) and establishes a tamper-proof ecosystem for businesses and individuals. Unlike traditional identity systems vulnerable to breaches and fraud, ShareRing’s solution ensures that personal data is verified and remains under the user's control, only shared with third parties when necessary and with explicit consent. Over the past year, ShareRing has partnered with multiple private sector businesses in Australia and overseas, replacing conventional KYC and customer authentication processes with reusable digital identities. ShareRing will continue to establish partnerships with Australian and UK investment funds, nightlife and F&B venues, and hotels, to help safeguard these businesses from identity fraud whilst improving operational processes and lowering costs.