ShareRing enters into a strategic collaboration with Orcoda

February 5, 2024

ShareRing enters into a strategic collaboration with Orcoda, an Australian (ASX: ODA) integrated technology company that provides smart software solutions for transport logistics and infrastructure. 

Orcoda is one of Australia’s leading logistics solutions, with custom technology platforms that offer greater control over complex operations. Tailored to the healthcare, transportation, and resources industries, Orcoda’s technology provides these businesses with access to real-time information for increased operational transparency and better decision-making.

Watch Geoff Jamieson, Managing Director at Orcoda, give an Interview on The Watchlist about Orcoda’s strategic collaboration with ShareRing.

ShareRing’s blockchain digital identity system fits harmoniously with Orcoda’s smart technology system, as it offers highly credible user identification that can be tailored for regulatory compliance needs. As an Australian company, ShareRing unequivocally understands and technically supports all identity needs for the domestic market. With this strategic collaboration, it opens up the doors for every Australian to create a verified digital ID using ShareRing, and enabling access to digitised transportation, healthcare, or logistics services offered through Orcoda’s partners.

Ryan Bessemer, CEO of ShareRing, says: “We look forward to the innovation and opportunities of expanding digital identities into the industry verticals of Orcoda, and a future together where blockchain identities enable frictionless movement of people across connected smart cities.”

Businesses that utilise Orcoda Connect, a vehicle pooling and vehicle rental solution, would greatly benefit from ShareRing’s blockchain identities. Users would be able to verify their personal information without sacrificing privacy, whilst a business ascertains trust in their users without needing to burden themselves with managing sensitive customer data. This is also applicably beneficial to other transportation, healthcare, and resource businesses that utilise Orcoda’s smart technology platforms.

You can refer to our partnership page on Orcoda’s website here.