Vault Query Language (VQL): Streamline Your Business Part II

April 13, 2023

With the constant changes and technological advancements in our everyday lives we are naturally looking to improve the way we maximize our time. Time is precious and figuring out ways to maximize output is important especially for businesses. Vault Query Language is something that can be utilized to do just that. 

A recurring issue that every organization faces everyday is the possibility of human error, with 80% of failures and defects being the results of human error, especially when dealing with large databases or large-scale events. With the introduction of VQL, an action can be repeated over and over again without fail, resulting in a better and faster experience for customers solving this issue. Furthermore, our technology ensures that credentials held inside the Vault are trustworthy, and untampered with while minimizing the risk of human error in your operational procedures.

Not only is VQL good for streamlining your business but is also very easy to navigate. The initial set-up is quick and easy, being able to set up a query using the ShareRing app to scan the QR code to the customer portal here. You are also able to categorize your files and navigate through them with ease color coding ensures that requested answers background matches at the point of interaction making it easy to recognize whether someone’s information is verified or not. 

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