Vault Query Language (VQL): Streamline Your Business Part I

April 13, 2023

Vault Query Language (VQL) is ShareRing's latest solution of requesting, sending, and receiving specific pieces of data completely non-physically creating new and faster ways of managing and organizing your client database.

Lots of activities in our everyday lives require us to wait, resulting in lower levels of productivity. With the progression of technology paired with the fast pace of living we are all constantly looking for new ways of streamlining our everyday lives. Whether it’s identifying raffle winners or being more efficient with security measures, like verifying memberships or granting customers access to a certain venue, VQL is the solution to get you the information that you need. Just by logging into the platform and setting up a QR code your business can move from a multi-step journey into a 1-step verification process. 

Your cusomters are constantly at risk of giving out sensitive information which can lead to it being hacked or leaked. Naturally the question of data security arises. Not only is VQL efficient but it also ensures protection from third parties. 

VQL is directly linked to the Vault; all data held inside the Vault is verified by ShareRing and has gone through layers of check to ensure its trustworthiness. The exchange of credentials between the user and your business remains strictly between yourselves and won’t be available to external parties. In addition to this, your VQL account is encrypted against your Vault private key (the Vault account your business used to log into the platform). This ensures that your account is secure and accessible only by you, adding another layer of security for your customers and your business. 

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