#SHRBUIDL Official Livestream Giveaway Instructions

April 13, 2023



1. Follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts (for 2 entries)

2. During the livestream, count the number of times you see the full ShareRing logo (the logo that is shown inside of the magnifying glass in the main image of this blog post).

3. On the tweets & posts titled: Official Giveaway Post, comment the total number of times the ShareRing logo appears throughout the livestream and #SHRBUIDL (for 1 entry)

4. On Twitter, retweet the official giveaway post and #SHRBUIDL for an extra entry to our giveaway! (for 1 entry)

5. On Instagram, tag 3 friends in the comments alongside your answer for an extra entry to our giveaway! (for 1 entry)

The more tasks you complete, the more entries you have to win!

NOTE: Those who have RSVPed to receive a notification of the livestream giveaway will also receive 1 entry.


Don't miss out on our #SHRBUIDL Livestream Giveaway! We've got 15 prizes to give away (with a total value of USD1000+!) and the giveaway is open globally. Check out the details below to find out what's up for grabs and how you can enter the giveaway, starting with RSVPing for the Livestream (taking place on YouTube on October 21 at 2PM AEDT) here.


There’s over $1000 USD in value of prizes to be won! 

Livestream Giveaway Prizes: 

  • 5x ShareRing branded merch pack*
  • 5x Seed phrase steel cards*
  • 5x USD100 worth of staked $SHR

*to be delivered once these items become available, not before Q4 2022.

See you at #SHRBUIDL 🚀