ShareRing’s Minecraft Building Contest Extravaganza

April 13, 2023

ShareRing is hosting a Minecraft building contest with more than $10,000 worth of prizes to be won!


More than 180 million copies of Minecraft have been sold since late 2019, making it the single best-selling video game on record. It allows users to create their own worlds on their own servers. 

Therefore we decided to celebrate a monumental quarter for ShareRing by hosting a special building competition in the world’s most popular game, open to 200 lucky participants!

For those who get a spot, simply claim a plot of land, get those creative juices flowing and start building. Players with the best structures (judged by Tim Bos) after 2 weeks will win up to $5000 in prizes!

How to Join

Server version 1.15.2

Don’t forget to watch TechTipsToGo’s video!

ShareRing Building Contest Prizes

For the best ShareRing structure, we are giving away some truly epic prizes!

First Place: $3000

Second Place: $1500

Third Place: $500

And a few secret prizes will be announced during the live stream!

Winner Selection Process

The rules to win are simple…

  • The community votes on the top 20 structures. In order to qualify builders must tweet a picture of their structure and plot ID to #SHRMinecraft, the top 20 highest rated tweets will be viewed by Tim Bos!
  • ShareRing’s CEO Tim Bos will check the top 20 community selected structures and decide on the winners through a live stream held in 2 weeks. (Exact time TBD)

ShareRing Minecraft Treasure Hunt 

We’re not done yet… to spice things up even further after the ShareRing building contest is concluded, we will briefly shut down the server and place private keys in various locations around the Minecraft world. When we open the servers, anyone will be free to join and hunt for keys with assorted amounts of SHR in the wallet.

The treasure hunt will run until the last key has been found and there will be a total of $5000 worth of SHR to be won (split between few private keys), so get your spades and pickaxes ready, this will be an event not soon to be forgotten! 

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