ShareRing Vault User Interface Enhancements

April 13, 2023

ShareRing Vault is a collection of your personal data that follows you forever. It goes wherever you go, it holds all of your personal documents and the Vault ensures that all of your personal information is safe and secure. Nobody is able to access any of your information or your personal documents without your approval in this sovereign ecosystem. Uploading your documents into your Vault ensures that you have digital access to these documents no matter where you are, but it also allows you, the user, to access goods and services without friction in Web2 or Web3.

ShareRing Vault is the heart of the ShareRing app, which is why the ShareRing Vault user interface has been enhanced, with major revamps that will improve the overall user experience. Users navigating through the app will be able to use in-app functions more intuitively with the updated placement and visuals.

In the previous version of the app, ShareRing users were only able to upload, remove and archive documents within the Vault, which didn’t allow for users to enjoy any personalization or fluidity in using this feature. Now, users can create, edit and manage customized categories with category titles and colors that can be assigned or unassigned to specific documents within the Vault. Documents in the Vault can also be filtered based on the category (including customized and default categories), and sorted by the document name, category or date added. Users will also be able to print their documents straight from within the Vault, without having to first save the document into their phone or without having to provide a physical version to copy.

This new enhancement provides a new method to add and organize documents to ShareRing Vault, and makes it more intuitive and easier to navigate for users when segmenting data and documents. All of these interface enhancements further ShareRing's mission in providing greater frictionless access; access not just to your personal documents within the ShareRing Vault, but also to experiences in Web2 and Web3.