ShareRing Secures Exciting New Partnership with Innovative Ideas Caribbean and Advances Digital Identity Solution with UK Accreditation Service Application

July 13, 2023

ShareRing’s new partnership with Innovative Ideas Caribbean strengthens digital identity development, delivering heightened security and efficiency

ShareRing is delighted to announce a new integration partnership with Innovative Ideas Caribbean, a leading digital solutions provider operating throughout the Caribbean region. With over 24 years of industry experience, IIC specializes in technology-driven innovation to support industries in their digital transformation journey.

"We are excited to integrate Identifi Me into the ShareRing Ecosystem. This collaboration empowers businesses in the CARICOM region and beyond to enhance their digital identity verification processes, enabling secure transactions and fostering trust." expressed Daryl Thomas, CEO & Co-founder at IIC. 

The suite of APIs and SDKs from ShareRing provides an expansive scope of digital identity solutions for IIC. This is particularly important given the recent release of the Barbados national ID, Trident Cards, which supports NFC capabilities. 

ShareRing integrated Trident Cards into their digital identity ecosystem in March 2023, and it is now a supported credential inside the Vault. To learn more about the integration, visit this article here

ShareRing is excited about the large-scale developments to come out of the partnership with IIC, given the explosive growth and demand for digital verification in the Caribbean. 

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ShareRing’s monumental leap forward in the digital identity space with the submission of their application for the identity UK Accreditation Service 

ShareRing is proud to announce they have submitted an application to be accredited by the UK Accreditation Service. This is a monumental leap forward as it demonstrates the company’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of security, reliability, and compliance in the digital identity space. 

We are excited that there’s clarity and development in the regulatory space, and look forward to working closely with regulators and official bodies to provide the foundational technology required of digital identities”, Jonathon Liu, Creative Marketing Manager

Through this application, ShareRing would be a government-recognised digital identity service provider, specific to identity verification. By achieving this recognition, businesses can confidently trust our technology to meet their digital identity needs while complying with the most recent regulatory guidelines. Our robust security measures and adherence to industry best practices provide businesses with a trusted and compliant solution for their digital identity verification processes.

ShareRing’s next step is to submit their application to the Australian Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF). 

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