ShareRing Is Now an Official Company Supporter of

June 15, 2023
ShareRing is now an official company supporter of, embarking on a journey to onboard 1 billion users to the internet with reusable digital identities. 

ShareRing is now an official company supporter of, a UK-based social enterprise that “connects the unconnected” to the world wide web. Our synergy naturally derives from our respective visions, with ShareRing to create frictionless access to digital information and experiences, and to connect 1 billion users to the internet. 

With internet connectivity comes the barrier of identity verification and access to information; ShareRing believes in giving back to society to facilitate more frictionless access to information across the web, through the use of blockchain-based verification technology. 

Speaking to Mea Thompson, CCO and Co-Founder of, it is widely understood that connecting people to the internet is the first of many steps to providing access to information, education, or life-changing opportunities. More so, even with connectivity to essential information and services for refugee safety, there are still barriers that add friction to the availability of data. These barriers, in our view, are resolved via ‘digital identity verification’, more commonly understood as the ability to ‘prove who you claim to be online.’

When it comes to the communities we support through, ShareRing’s technology could be adapted to provide a trusted and robust digital identity system for underserved communities. This system could securely and efficiently verify and authenticate a person’s identity online, providing the reputational force behind them accessing education, information, or other opportunities to reengage with society.

This is the first step toward a more unified and frictionless digital future and we are excited to be supporting in furthering their vision. We aim to work closely with their leadership team and the partner ecosystem, sharing our respective industry’s knowledge and offering advisory services between the entities.

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About ShareRing

ShareRing is a digital identity focussed blockchain technology company transforming the concept and mechanics of identities in the new era of the internet. Our technology focuses on protecting personal information across the web and ensuring that individuals maintain control and security over their own data.

Trust-embedded solutions power the underlying technology within the ShareRing ecosystem. These solutions offer unparalleled consistency, reliability, and security of personally identifiable information (PII) transmitted between users and the businesses they engage with online.

Both businesses and users can embrace self-ownership of PII, supported by privacy-enabled features that minimize the risk of data vulnerability in less-secure databases and maximize the empowerment of self-owned data.