Ready to Upgrade Your Business Data Verification? Look No Further than VQL's Top 3 Advantages!

July 21, 2023

In our previous blog, "Bulletproof Data Management for Businesses with VQL," we explored the benefits of Vault Query Language (VQL) for its enhanced data security through blockchain and the “need to know” data process. 

In this blog, we explore the top 3 advantages of using VQL for your businesses.

1. Real-time Data Processing (in a matter of seconds!) 

VQL allows users to go through a data verification process in seconds. 

All it takes for the individual user is to scan the QR code with either Identifi Me or ShareRing Pro App. 

In just one QR scan - in a matter of seconds, the individual will immediately be prompted to send the requested data for verification. It’s also up to the user to approve or reject sharing the information requested by the business. 

How does this work? 

To begin with, users will have to follow simple guided steps to have their secured digital identity all set up and verified. (with either Identifi Me or ShareRing Pro App). 

You, as a business, are only required to set up the QR code, that’s done through our VQL platform. 

VQL stands for Vault Query Language, which we like to translate into ‘taking queries out of your Vault.’ 

The Vault, which is separate from VQL, is where users upload their verifiable documents in encrypted storage stored on the blockchain. The Vault is also entirely owned by the users; no one outside of themselves is allowed to tamper with it. 

2. User-friendly Interface 

Since businesses must set up the QR code on the VQL platform, we’ve prepared an intuitive, user-friendly interface for business owners. 

Managing language queries to verify customer information has never been simpler! 

Businesses can easily create VQL queries for age verification with the following steps. 

1. In the VQL dashboard, click Create.

2. Set up your query name, query title and API endpoint according to this document.

3. Choose a colour (your favourite if preferred) for the results page. 

4. Enter your query code. For instance, to check if the user is over 18 years old, enter the following code:

var Over_18 = VALUE("age") > 18 ? "Yes" : "No" ; 

return "Over 18? " + Over_18;

5. Tick the age checkbox to indicate the information is required; fields left unchecked are optional unless required by regulations. 

6. Click Submit to save the query.

Based on the steps above, your users can immediately verify their age through the QR code. If you’d like to read more about setting up, you can refer to this document

You can get started with our VQL platform immediately here

If you have questions about setting up your QR code to tailor your business needs, contact us here. 

3. VQL's Robust Security and Privacy Features

Our previous article covered the bulletproof data capabilities of VQL as a blockchain-enabled solution.  At ShareRing, we prioritize privacy and security, and VQL is designed to help businesses build trust with their customers.

The Vault, which is a storage separate from VQL available on our Identifi Me & ShareRing Pro app, is entirely handled by the users and stored on the blockchain where no one can tamper. This secure process assures that the Vault allows users to maintain complete control and ownership of their personal data. 

The power of blockchain technology provides advanced data privacy and protection for businesses and eradicates any likelihood of customer data breaches or leaks. 

Refer to this documentation for more information on our ShareLedger blockchain.

Keep an eye out for our next article in the VQL series, where we'll explore how VQL is revolutionizing business operations with its data management capabilities.

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