ShareRing Forges Strategic Alliance with KardiaChain

April 13, 2023

ShareRing announces a formal partnership with interoperability leader Kardiachain to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology

ShareRing is pleased to announce our formal partnership with KardiaChain.

KardiaChain is an established market leader for interoperability and hybrid blockchain solutions for enterprises and governments in Vietnam and Southeast Asian regions.

Both companies are aligned in their values and mission to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology globally. Both KardiaChain and ShareRing employ similar strategies of delivering enterprise-grade solutions to large businesses and governments using novel methods that interface with and upgrade their legacy systems, boosting security, adding new features, and increasing cost-efficiency. In addition, KardiaChain’s interoperability focus, strong relationships in the region, and complementary product verticals made the decision for ShareRing to partner an easy one.

“KardiaChain impressed us almost immediately. They’re a talented team on the same mission as us, and there are many areas for us to complement each other’s strengths.

Merging our ecosystems, technologies, and resources will accelerate mass adoption of blockchain in the Southeast Asian regions from the top-down, helping us both to capitalize on more opportunities that would not otherwise have been possible at this stage.

We’re quite excited to see what the future holds as we continue to explore further collaboration.”
Tim Bos, CEO and Co-Founder of ShareRing

The product of a strong recommendation from ShareRing and Kardia’s trusted mutual partners, both companies met for exploratory talks in mid-December.

We discovered many synergies, including similar alignment in values, mission, and strategy without directly competing in most verticals. The interoperability focus, innovation, and talent of both teams revealed several potential opportunities to benefit from the sharing of our tech and resources. As a result, we have agreed to formalize the terms of our partnership as we continue to develop our relationship.

With the launch of ShareRing’s App on the horizon, KardiaChain’s token will be integrated into ShareRing’s app wallet and ecosystem as a payment method, allowing it to be used for any of ShareRing’s partners’ products or services, including travel, delivery, insurance, e-visas, and more.

“I was fascinated when we talked about our way to make blockchain widely adopted, it’s also our motto to target non-crypto users and increase token utility. Seeing ShareRing is a great team who has arms in many reputable alliances, for example, the BSN alliance while KardiaChain is also setting our footholds in large networks and connections in regions from West to East, we believe we share our mutual path to advocate blockchain in daily life.” Tri Pham – CEO/Co-Founder – KardiaChain

The two companies will continue to explore further opportunities for collaboration, including those related to the Vietnam and Southeast Asian markets, as well as interoperability of our tech products ecosystems. Additionally, we will actively seek to include and collaborate on marketing opportunities and promotions to support the growth of both ecosystems.

In a show of support and to welcome our new partners, ShareRing would like to encourage our community members to stop by KardiaChain’s Telegram to say “Hi!” and be sure to give them a follow on their official Twitter as well!

About KardiaChain(KAI):
KardiaChain is the world’s first fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain platform. Our own invention, called Dual Node, allows us to expedite the blockchain mass adoption process in an efficient manner, reducing the need for educating the market.

We are providing more usability and blockchain features for more and more service providers that are joining the KardiaChain ecosystem.

Official Website:
Official Telegram:
Official Twitter:

About ShareRing(SHR)
ShareRing is the world’s most secure and flexible identity verification system, designed to seamlessly integrate with businesses across a variety of industries, from travel to insurance, logistics, charity, cryptocurrency, marketplaces, and more. ShareRing is helping individuals and businesses move towards a more sustainable, collaborative, and decentralized future, transforming the way we safely secure and share our data.

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