Vault Query Language (VQL)

Private communication channel to exchange encrypted data between your business and customers.

Access the portal to generate QR codes , and request information from your customer's Identifi Me or ShareRing Pro app.  

3 Simple Steps

Setup. Generate. Request.
Applicable anywhere, deployed everywhere.
Follow the steps below to get started.


Step 1

Set up your QR code to request specific information from the Vault. It could be a name, photo, or favourite color. The choice is in your code.


Step 2

Generate the QR code, and either embed it to your site, or print it out.


Step 3

The user scans the QR code (Identifi Me, or ShareRing Pro App).
It is up to the user to approve or reject the sharing of their information.


Test the use-case scenarios below that incorporate identity verification in real-world settings.
Grant your users access to services or experiences with their identity.

Email Verification

Age Verification

Identity Verification

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