ShareRing and Tencent Cloud Debut World-Class Innovative Travel App and ShareRing ID, Leveraging Cloud and AI Technologies

April 13, 2023

ShareRing and tech giant Tencent Cloud are developing an industry-first application, helping governments and business leaders elevate the travel industry in the new normal

We are pleased to announce ShareRing and Tencent Cloud, through its subsidiary Tencent (Thailand) Co, Ltd, are developing an industry-first application to help governments and business leaders elevate the travel industry in the new normal. 

The ShareRing app, leveraging cloud technology and AI, will introduce an advanced data management and identity security platform with a promise to be the cheapest and most integratable to lower the barrier to entry for businesses of all sizes.

The move will help nations in the ASEAN region safely reopen their borders to tourism and recover from the economic blow – which was responsible for bringing $9 trillion into the global economy in 2019. 

“ShareRing is extremely pleased to work with Tencent Cloud in developing a world-first identity and document management platform.

We have strong confidence in Tencent Cloud’s capability as one of the most reliable, high-performance, and globally recognised cloud services providers in the world.”

Tim Bos, CEO of ShareRing

The ShareRing App, a One-Stop Travel Platform

The ShareRing app is a one-stop travel platform allowing access to everything from hotel reservations, car rentals, flights, tour packages, and insurance policies with enhanced security for customers and partners. 

By using Tencent Cloud’s cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the app can convert entire character images and handwriting to text, helping improve efficiency and accuracy of data entry. 

Facial Recognition Technology will provide secure authentication working in tandem with Liveness Detection Technology to enhance identity verification and data management. 

The technology is used in our Open World Passport, the first anonymous contact-tracing passport that can be integrated with e-visa on arrival systems (eVOA), travel insurance companies, airlines, hotels, and retail shops. 

Mr. Chang Foo, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent Thailand Company Limited, commented:

 “Tencent Cloud is committed to supporting businesses to expand their capabilities, achieve strong business growth and maintain sustainability under the age of digital transformation. Nowadays, businesses in all sectors need to accelerate their transition in keeping up with the new normal, especially the tourism industry which is in the limelight as several countries have begun to lift the lockdown restrictions. 

The tourism industry started to pick up again under stringent hygiene safety measures, and even before the pandemic, the trend of using advanced technology for tourism has already flourished. Whether it is hotel or flight booking, check-in or car rental services, we can manage them all with ease through an application. Therefore, cloud and AI technologies have become increasingly vital to today’s travel and tourism industry.

This collaboration marks another accomplishment of Tencent Cloud by reflecting our dedication to bringing together the advancement of world-class cloud services and expertise in providing large platforms to support our partners like ShareRing. We assist them in creating new innovations to strengthen the business and drive the growth of the tourism industry amid the new normal digital age.”

Mr. Chang Foo, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent Thailand Company Limited

Benefits and Opportunities of ShareRing’s Technology 

Using distributed ledger technology, the platform allows a greater quality of information management, highly secure digital transactions, and increased efficiencies and profits.

The technology is a part of ShareRing’s mission to improve data sharing by giving total sovereignty of personal data to the user.

ShareRing aims to extend partnerships and business opportunities for Thai and international entrepreneurs to operate under the ShareRing ecosystem, which is an extensive network that offers over 2.6 million activity and accommodation options worldwide. 

About Tencent Thailand
Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of internet-based content platforms and technologies in Thailand with coverage of news, music, movies/series, and games. The company also provides world-class services and technological solutions to support Thailand’s digital transformation and its endeavor to build a complete business ecosystem. 

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