ShareRing and Organic Mobility Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Redefine Digital Identity in Corporate Transportation

September 19, 2023

Today marks an exciting and monumental day at ShareRing.

We are thrilled to announce one of our very first integration partners, Organic Mobility, into our ecosystem and deploy digital identities into more traditional web2 companies that are paving the way forward for global mobility and connectivity. 

In a rapidly evolving IoT landscape in Japan, characterized by the advent of 6G, the demand for seamless connectivity has never been greater. Legacy web2 infrastructure poses friction in these systems, making the shift towards web3 technology imperative for creating frictionless environments and enhancing connectivity. This shared vision for a more connected and frictionless future is what brought ShareRing and Organic Mobility together, forging a partnership poised to unlock new markets and opportunities at the intersection of connectivity and seamless user experiences.

The integration partnership entails the incorporation of ShareRing's self-sovereign identity solution into Organic Mobility's Connected Platform. This move heralds a fresh approach to authentication and data management, emphasizing user privacy and data security. ShareRing's identity software development kits (SDKs), encompassing identity creation, verification, and the Vault, will be seamlessly integrated, opening up new horizons for ShareRing's Vault and driving the adoption of hybrid identities that bridge on-chain and off-chain reputation.

Organic Mobility is on a mission to enhance our world's connectivity by reimagining the role of automobiles in our daily lives and businesses. Their focus is on delivering tangible benefits to corporate clients through their cutting-edge IoT platform, known as the 'Organic Mobility Connected Platform.' To put it simply, this platform can be likened to a 'Swiss Army knife' for businesses, facilitating the seamless exchange of data among vehicles, live-feed oracles, databases, and identity verification. Think of ride-sharing apps, where drivers rely on real-time data about customers, routes, traffic, and more. With this platform, businesses gain access to a broader spectrum of data, enabling them to thrive in the era of 6G connectivity.

Through this integration partnership, businesses and corporate clients can look forward to a future where data management and identity authentication are streamlined, ensuring user privacy and data integrity. This innovative step forward not only opens doors to new markets but also paves the way for a more connected and efficient global ecosystem. With ShareRing's cutting-edge digital identity solution at the heart of this partnership, we can anticipate a future where businesses thrive in an environment of heightened connectivity, leveraging the power of decentralized technologies for a smarter, more connected world.