Bulletproof Data Management: How VQL Provides Unmatched Security for Businesses

July 13, 2023

Vault Query Language (VQL) is an institutional-grade verification technology that helps businesses to achieve bulletproof data management. By leveraging VQL, businesses can achieve greater productivity and efficiency. 

Here are some ways in which VQL can help with bulletproof data management:

Enhanced Data Security Through Blockchain 

Having decentralized database ensures a tamper-proof and high confidence of privacy and security for user data. This allows businesses to comply with regulations while protecting their customers. 

VQL is a mechanism through which businesses or service providers can retrieve information from a user’s Vault, a digital identity solution designed for individual users to verify and create their reputable data.

The Vault is only handled from the customer side through our Identifi Me app, ensuring that users can own and control their personal data with peace of mind.

Any documents stored in ShareRing's Vault are encrypted, and a hash is stored on the blockchain to prove information integrity. Users can upload documents, including passports, driver's licenses, identity cards, Covid test certificates, Covid vaccination certifications, diploma certificates, and more. 

This secure process assures that customers can maintain complete control and ownership of their personal data, providing advanced data privacy and protection.

If you're interested in learning more about ShareRing's VQL-enabled blockchain solution, you can refer to this our ShareLedger documentation for more information. 

Processing Data on a “Need-to-Know” Basis

In addition, VQL's "need-to-know" data processing approach ensures that businesses only request and access the minimum amount of information necessary for verification purposes. 

In the case of nightclub businesses, owners are required to verify their patron’s age before entry. With a VQL, they can set up a VQL-enabled QR code requiring to answer simple, zero-knowledge questions such as "Are you over 18?" with a yes or no answer. 

The VQL code would only extract that information from their customers, and nothing else beyond that. 

Nightclub owners wouldn’t know the patron’s place of birth, location, blood type, etc. 

This process guarantees that users can own and control their data with peace of mind.

VQL’s bulletproof data management minimizes the risk of data breaches and identity theft, enhancing any organisation's security. 

If you’d like to understand more about Vault Query Language (VQL), visit our VQL page. 

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our VQL series, where we'll compare VQL to other data management solutions for businesses. 

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