A Closer Look at Our Verification Technology: Understanding the 3 Categories

July 13, 2023

Building on our previous article about ShareRing’s Vault, we now turn our focus to a deeper understanding of the three categories of our verification technology.

The power of ShareRing's verification technology lies in its three categories, which work together to ensure secure and efficient transactions.

ShareRing’s identity solution offers a complete set of technical capabilities to verify a person’s identity in a digital environment.

Our solution is designed for businesses that are required by law to verify their customer’s identities, and in need of pre-determined verification workflows to embed into their ecosystem. 

Our digital identity solution leverages a combination of:

1. Facial liveness detection

2. Optical character recognition (OCR)

3. Near field communication (NFC)

4. Fraud detection

5. Expiration check

6. MRZ checks

A more tech-friendly version of our digital identity solution is available through an application, Identifi Me. Available on iOS, Android, and Galaxy. The user verification flow is as follows:

1. The user signs up for an account

2. The user is required to upload one of the following 6 documents:

a. NFC documents:

i. e-Passport: available for all countries

ii. e-ID: available for e-IDs from Barbados and Vietnam.

b. Non-NFC documents:

i. Passport

ii. ID card

iii. Adhaard & PAN: Available for India

iv. Driver’s License

3. The user goes through a series of authenticity checks, facial liveness detection, and verification match against the photograph extracted from the document uploaded in step 2.

4. Verification outcome generated.

Note that the above verification flow is also available for integration into your business’s own app ecosystem as a set of SDKs Prefer this solution? Reach out to our team here

When documents are verified, they are classified into one of three categories.

1. ShareRing Verified -  This is the highest degree of accuracy using an NFC document. It requires a positive outcome based on a match amongst:

a. the facial liveness detection of the user,

b. the information extracted via the NFC reader, and

c. cross-referenced against OCR-extracted information.

2. ShareRing Checked - This is a medium degree of accuracy, using a non-NFC document. It requires a positive outcome based on a match between the:

a. facial liveness detection of the user, and

b. information extracted from the non-NFC document via OCR.

3. User Added -  This is the lowest degree of accuracy. No verification checks are made against the document.

ShareRing Verified provides the highest degree of accuracy with respect to the identity of the user. This should be the base standard of acceptance for any business that requires the verification of its customer's identity.

ShareRing Business Solution (SBS) offers institutional-grade technology and services to streamline operations, enhance security, and drive growth.

Stay tuned for the final piece of our introduction to ShareRing Business Solutions series, where we will cover digital identity accreditation.

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