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Pricing Plans

Whether you need to verify 10, 100, or 100,000 customers, we have a plan for you. Choose a plan to suit your needs.

Free trial

  • Create Query Code with User Added Level
  • Create Endpoints
  • Access Help Documents
  • See Pricing plan


Everything in Free trial. Plus:
  • Create Query code with ShareRing Checked, ShareRing Verified Level
  • Access verification reports and data
  • Customize domain with Company Name and Logo
  • Invite team members to join domain


For customised pricing options, which include
  • Pre-paid customer verification monthly commitments
  • SDK Licensing
  • White labelling

Over 15 times cheaper than your average costs

Normally it costs your business anywhere from $1.50USD or above to verify customer information, with huge monthly minimum commitments. That's unnecessary pressure on your business operations and profit.

With Link, your business only pays for information that you need verified - meaning your verification costs can start as low as 10 cents.

That's 15 times cheaper than the average market rate.

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