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Running a Nightlife Venue can be quite challenging.
Explore how ShareRing’s Solution will be the game-changer in the business.

Industry Challenges

According to a study conducted by H.G Parsa, 60% of nightclubs and bars fail in their first year. A contributing factor that business owners often underestimate is the consequences of non-compliance with regulations and the associated costs.

One of the primary regulations associated with identity verification is the minimum age requirement. Using Australia as an example, the legal minimum age for alcohol purchase is set at 18 years. However, in specific areas such as Queensland and Western Australia, individuals who appear to be under 25 years old must present valid identification. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe consequences, including hefty fines, revocation of liquor licenses, and even forced closure of the business.

With the increasing number of fake IDs in recent years, venues face an extremely challenging task of ensuring that all patrons are legally eligible to purchase alcohol. Providing appropriate training for staff to spot fake IDs can be both expensive and time-consuming. However, even with training, manually checking IDs is error-prone and nearly impossible to detect all fake IDs.

Finding a cost-effective yet efficient way for nightlife businesses to comply with regulations will be an inevitable problem that needs to be addressed.

Expensive overheads associated with
regulation compliance

Ensuring your business complies with regulations is costly and will greatly affect your profitability.

Identity fraud

Manually verifying IDs is prone to errors and nearly impossible to detect all fake IDs.

Extremely time consuming

Allocating dedicated staff (or more)
consumes a significant amount of time that could otherwise be utilized to enhance the patron experience or focus on other
aspects of your business.

ShareRing's Solutions

Challenges can be solved by

How it helps

reduced cost

Opposing to the expensive overheads associated with regulation compliance, venue only needs to pay for
information it collects.

Time Efficiency

Automating the age verification process allows your staff to focus on other more important aspects of your nightlife business.

Enhanced Security

Advanced biometric and encryption technologies reduces the risk of fraudulent IDs.

Compliance with regulation

Identities of patrons are verified with institutional grade verification technology. Security staff are less likely to encounter fraudulent credentials, and subsequently maintain compliant with security checks mandated by regulation.

How it can be applied


Step 1

Set up a QR code using the VQL Platform, which prompts all patrons to provide information about their age eligibility. You can also include optional fields to gather additional information such as their preferred drinks, music preferences, or even special guest suggestions.


Step 2

Ask your patrons to download Identifi Me and create their profile while they are waiting in line.


Step 3

When patrons arrive at the gate, they can scan the QR code and grant access to information that confirms whether they meet the age requirement as well as any optional information they decided to fill in.

Once your staff verifies that the patron meets the age requirement, they will be granted entry.

All the optional information your patrons provided will be accessible to you immediately. Noticed some popular songs that are not yet on your playlist? Speak to your DJ and make adjustments on the fly.

*All patron information is securely held and controlled within their own app and will never be stored in any database. Without the patron’s permission, their information can only be accessed by themselves.

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