ShareRing Foundation: Paving the way forward for Web3 identity. Part 2

July 11, 2023

Explaining the roadmap

In the first article, we introduced to you all ShareRing Foundation, the web3 division of ShareRing. Towards the end, we presented you with our roadmap and asked you to tell us which of our developments you were most looking forward to.

In this second part of the series, we’ll explain the roadmap in more detail. Let’s start with the left side of the roadmap, and the keywords: Resources, Core Tech, and Add on features.

In the first row we have “Resources”. These are items dedicated to our dev community and techies. There are many moving parts to ShareLedger and for those leveraging our chain, this is the starting point. Learn about ShareLedger and its identity mechanics, explore CosmWasm and write smart contracts in Rust, and deploy your dapp on our testnet - anything a developer would need to know about building on ShareLedger they can find under these items.

Second in the row is “Core Tech”. This roadmap focuses on the actual toolkits and functions that builders would use to leverage ShareLedger and its identity mechanics. There’s a wallet web extension for users to manage their digital assets and sign transactions, Ledger to support ShareToken, IBC Module to enable the transfer of on-chain identity assets between IBC-enabled chains, social recovery and account abstraction to provide identity recovery options for a user’s wallet and vault.

In the third and final row, we have “Add On Features”.  The first two rows were more focused on our builders, whereas in this, a majority of the developments are targeted at our end-users and their web3 identity. This means more active Vault users across the ecosystem, and added utility for web3 identity. 

Verified social profiles would allow users to attach their social profiles to their web3 identity, ShareLedger network on Keplr gives users more options and touchpoints for ShareToken, and Sign in with ShareLedger enables users to control their web3 identity with their ShareLedger account.

Rather than tell you what developments you’ll have access to in the near future, let’s go a bit deeper into two of the other items on the roadmap, Soulbound Tokens and Ai Avatars. (You get the hint?)

Soulbound Tokens on ShareLedger

Soulbound tokens were first introduced back in May 2022 through a whitepaper Vitalik had penned. This opened up a plethora of opportunities for asset ownership, in particular, identity-related attributes which are mostly if-not-always non transferrable. 

On ShareLedger, Soulbound Tokens are created under a modified token standard CW1155. This is now available to builders and developers. To learn more, visit our documentation page here.

So how do SBTs benefit the ecosystem and what does it mean for your web3 identity? Let’s start with your Vault - this is where you create, control, and manage your identity. A unique design of the Vault is that it offers a hybrid on-chain and off-chain identity solution for end users. SBTs make up the on-chain element of the Vault.

SBTs can be issued to represent the user’s various identity attributes, eg the user is over the age of 18. This is also in a zero-knowledge information environment, ensuring that individual privacy is maximsed. 

Ai Avatars for your Web3 Identity

What comes to mind when you think of identity? Our guess is that you first thought of biometrics, ie the physical attributes of yourself - age, height, nationality etc. Practical, but it really doesn’t capture the essence of web3 and breaking boundaries with innovation.  This is why we’re building Ai generated avatars, based on your web3 identity.

The concept behind Ai avatars is that the user can leverage the power of Ai technology, and mint an NFT Avatar based on their identity inside the Vault. The user could pre-set their avatar style, for example to be a modern cartoon character with hair, eye skin, and color attributes.  Basically, you as a user set the parameters for the Ai, and an Ai generated avatar of your web3 identity will be minted as an NFT. 


Whilst this may look like an exhaustive list of projects and developments, there are also initiatives and workings behind the scenes. What we are certain of is that the vision of our Foundation division is set on web3 identity infrastructure, with the Vault sitting at the heart of everything we build.

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