ShareRing December Company Updates Starring CEO Tim Bos – Full Transcript

April 13, 2023

In this month’s company update, Tim Bos demos several upcoming products and discusses ShareRing’s new office building, staff, releases and more!


Hi, my name is Tim Bos, and I’m the CEO of ShareRing. First of all, I do want to apologize that this update has come a couple of weeks later than we originally planned.

It has been an incredibly busy few weeks for us, not just me, but for the entire team. New staff starting, a new office, we’ve got a lot of product development, we’ve got a lot with our partners, a lot of sales is happening.

Everyone’s basically in overdrive, which is for a lot of companies, quite unexpected for this time of year as a lot of companies wind down, where we seem to be sort of wining up and getting ready for a lot of big things coming soon.

It won’t be a long update, it’s basically the last big update that we’ve got before the Christmas period starts, but most of our staff will be working through that Christmas period because we’ve got so much happening at the moment.

Today, I’ll basically give you a couple of quick demos, some updates on the masternodes and the flowbacks, a shout out to some of the new communities, some teasing on regional events that we’re doing, new staff that we’ve got, a new office that we’ve got. Then a bit of an update on a new program that we’re basically starting, that we’re wrapping around our whole launch process.

Product Demos

First of all, I wanted to give you a bit of an update or basically show you a couple of demos on our apps. We do have three apps that are coming out soon, there’s a little bit more than that as well. We’ve got the platform, which is the blockchain, our API, and other services associated with that. So JavaScript libraries and things like that.

We’ve got our main ShareRing app. The main ShareRing app is really the hub where you get access to all of the mini-apps and tools that we’ve got associated with that, like the payment system, tokens, staking, and all that.

We also have the merchant app for vendors that are basically coming into the shop platform and then our Sort and Deliver app, which is for delivery and logistics companies and us, as we’re doing some of the delivery and logistics.

ShareRing Shop

The first thing I’ll do is I’ll just show you a quick update on the shop part of the app. What you see on the screen now is when I’ve logged into the app, I’ve set my address and I jump straight in.

The first thing I do is see the actual shops that are available around me for same-day delivery. One of the things that we did notice through our market research is a lot of companies obviously aren’t all open at the same time.

Some companies might be open from Wednesday to Sunday, other ones on Monday to Friday, different times and all of that. So depending on the delivery time that you choose will actually depend on what’s shown within the app, so what’s actually visible. Then we have the product if you want to basically list and filter for products, which I’ve shown before already.

The other new thing is so you can see the days that are available there. The other new thing in the app is the delivery window. If I tap on the delivery windows, I’ve chosen a Thursday delivery window as an example, and there are two delivery windows available for Thursday.

But if I say go through to Saturday delivery window and confirm that, what you’ll see is these shops aren’t available on that day and for that delivery window. You can see one’s available and then the other two aren’t available for delivery. It’s a very, very good, easy way to manage and make sure that we’re flexible enough for different shops and deliveries.

The ShareRing App – Wallet, Swaps, Staking

Back into the app as well, we do also have the accounts. One of the things I’m not sure whether we’ve shown, a lot of people are asking what we’re doing with the swaps and the swap program. It is absolutely moving into the app. You’ll be able to hold some SHR token within your native wallet, which is this, and then also send it out to BEP2 and ERC20 tokens.

If I go transfer, you can see I’m here, we can transfer SHRP to SHR token, SHR token to ERC20, and SHR token to BEP2. Then the same thing is if I tap receive, I can actually receive from ERC20 and BEP2.

If I tap to receive in say ERC20, then what our system does is it creates an ERC20 address. It will have a smart contract on it and when you send it to that address, then what will basically happen is SHR Token is sent that address, it’s locked up in that as our peg wallet, and then it updates into your normal wallet there. So that’s all there.

The other thing that we’re scheduling for this January release is adding staking within the app. You will be able to look at all of the masternodes, look at the commission that is set on those masternodes, and then also stake your SHR Token with those. That’s a huge update that we’re doing within the app as well.

The Merchant App

The other apps that I’d like to show you is the Merchant app, which is one of them. I’m logged into the merchant app as a company called Market Europa, and this is for the vendors to easily load stock, look at orders that are coming through, manage those orders, do returns, do picking and packing, and all of that sort of stuff.

What we found was by offering a website for people to do this, it was clunky, it was slow, it was hard to update, a lot of shops didn’t have a full computer to be able to do stock updates and transfer photos over.

This makes it really, really easy. If I wanted to sort of look at my existing stock and update it, just tap update stock, it will show me all the stock available and I can go in there and change those. Alternatively, I can go back and go plus and then add new products. So let’s say I want to add a drone. like that.

Then in here, we’ve got dual language, Thai and English. Add any additional categories as well, any product tags, any options, some product might be sold based on weight, color, and things like that. Any other specifications that are associated with that product, if it’s a drone there might be some specs about the drone that needs to be displayed.

Then I can add photos, I can take a photo from my phone or add photos from my drive, Google Drive, or something like that. Then if I save that, that will go into it. The other thing I can do is view things like shipping, so shipping that is coming in. These are orders, none today but I can look at tomorrow.

Any products that are basically due for shipment tomorrow and I can view that and then I can swipe it off the screen to basically say that I’ve packed those and they’re ready to be picked up. That’s a brief overview. We’ve got notifications in there as well, so you can say there are no notifications for me. Each merchant will basically have their own log in for their own app.

The Sort and Deliver App

The last thing I’ll quickly show is the Sort and Deliver. The Sort and Delivery app is basically made for logistics companies, delivery people, all of that sort of stuff. What I have here is it really follows people through the flow. The flow for us is we have a milk run to start with, so pickups that are done from shops.

Then after that, we have a delivery run, which is basically the deliveries that are done to the individuals, so we pick up a bunch of products from the shops, we sort those and then we deliver it to the individual people.

The first step is the pickups. I can basically go through here and have a look at what’s part of this order here, it’s all listed there, I can click on view status of the timeline so I can see that it’s in the process, It’s been received, packed, out for delivery and then delivered.

Then I can also sort of look at the stuff that’s received. Then same thing, basically ready to go out for delivery. So it’s received, I haven’t packed yet and it’s not out for delivery.

I can actually say it’s packed or I can add photos to prove that I’ve received it. So provenance is a very big thing for this. So it’s packed, then it’ll basically update the status to say it’s packed and then I can say it’s out for delivery and then it will update on the backend as well, saying it’s out for delivery.

At that point, the client will get a notification saying it’s out for delivery. Then finally, once it’s delivered, we can basically say those products are delivered to these customers and that’s the end of that delivery. You can also choose different hubs, so we do delivery hubs as well. That’s pretty much it.

A huge amount of work has gone into these apps, not just on developing the apps themselves, but all of the backend infrastructure that goes to support this. All the distributed infrastructure as well, that basically makes it more resilient and also utilizes the ShareLedger Blockchain and the accounts ShareRing ID for the delivery drivers, ShareRing payments for the payments, and everything in between.

Quick shout out to our development team and project management that have managed to get this across the line, so looking great. In terms of the launch itself, what we are doing is in typical fashion for a lot of products that are launched.

We don’t want to sort of open it up and make it so that everybody can download it at the same time, we need to actually manage the load capacity, get feedback as well as launch it.

Invite-Only Launch

We will be opening up an invite-only launch. We will be also using some of the sign-ups that we had previously through the programs that we ran last year or earlier this year to make sure that are the first people that get the app and then gradually open it up so more people get it.

Internally, we’re calling it a soft launch as an invite-only. Then what we basically do is we will launch it for ShareRing ID sign-up only, and then we gradually add more functions and features.

We turn those on as we have the ShareRing ID sign-ups happening. That’s coming very, very soon, the marketing team is working with us on how we best launch this.


In terms of the masternodes, we do have most, if not all of the masternodes online now. I think there are still two or three that are waiting to come online. They’ve been running extremely well. We’ve been doing a bunch of tests on those in terms of capacity and all of that.

The challenge that we do have at the moment is that it does use a lot of disk space. We do have planned for mid to late January release, which is an update to the version of Tendermint that we’re running and also the version of the Cosmos SDK that we’re running.

What that does is it introduces something called state syncing. State syncing actually allows a masternode, when they build the node, to start synchronizing from the current block or a known recent trusted block.

Then it will synchronize from there, what that means is they’re not holding the full blockchain on the hard disk, which takes up at the moment I think it’s about 38GB of data from when we started running at the start of the year.

It means there are huge space savings, ShareRing will host full versions of the Blockchain and then our masternode holders can choose to just run partial versions of the Blockchain, which is excellent.


Flowbacks are happening as well, we have been ramping those up. I think there is over 20 million SHR token with the flowbacks that have been purchased and have been happening through the system.

There are currently if you look on our peg wallet, which is currently on the Binance chain, you can see many, many millions of SHR Token that are now locked up in the peg and locked up in the masternodes, there’s a huge amount of locked there.

Flowbacks basically started with a number of transfers that we’ve done. But we do have some ShareRing IDs that are being created, a lot of those. I think we’re looking at a new one every 10 to 20 seconds for a ShareRing ID being created through our pilot programs and our testing as well. They are creating transactions that are going to masternode holders.

You’ll start seeing those on the Blockchain Explorer really soon, Chris has also been doing a great job of updating the Explorer to show things like transactions that are going through and things like that.

Shoutout to the Spanish Speaking Community

Next up, I do want to do a quick shout to our new Spanish speaking community in Latin America. We did an AMA with them last week. Great AMA, the questions were awesome. , we had a huge number of people joining.

A very special shout out to you guys, you’re doing an awesome job and you’re definitely on our radar in terms of product releases and what we do over there. In fact, we’re doing a few projects in that region as well at the moment that we’ve had some good calls about, so stay tuned for that.

Regional Hub Program

In terms of the other regional things, one of the programs that we’re going to start soon, we do have a few masternodes available, and we are actually working to create regional hubs for us in terms of the communities and growth and things like that.

We will be very, very soon launching a program, if you want to start a community and you can meet certain criteria, you can reach out and basically have a chance to host your own masternode for the period of time that you’re running that community. So keep an eye out for that, because it is actually going to be quite exciting.

New Staff at ShareRing

In terms of new staff. We have as I said had a bunch of new stuff, in the last couple of weeks alone we’ve had Boa in China who’s basically responsible for our China marketing, but also working with our sales team on sales-focused marketing, so marketing with our partners and things like that.

We need to do a bit of a better job in terms of creating a sales collateral and giving our sales team the tools that they need to basically do what they’re doing. She’s focusing very heavily on that. She’s also working with the team on the launch program as well.

We have got Wut in Thailand, so he’s basically started as our I.T Cloud Infrastructure Manager. His job is really to work with Tencent on the cloud infrastructure side of things.

He will also manage the implementation, the production environment, manage the monitoring of the masternodes, and also work with the development team on the architecture that they need for developing.

We’ve also had a couple of new blockchain developers in Vietnam starting. One of them is very focused on our side of things and the other one focuses on Tendermint. They’re basically coming up to speed now so that we can accelerate the development of the blockchain.

We are actually looking for additional Blockchain staff in Vietnam and then also additional app developers as well in our China and Vietnam offices. If you are interested to get in contact with us, don’t send me a message through Twitter. Send it through, please.

New ShareRing Thailand Office

We also opened a new office in Thailand, we moved into that this week, we’re basically taken a lease on a four-story townhouse style office building. We will send some photos of that soon, it’s a beautiful office, we just did some renovation on it and it looks fantastic. We’ve basically got the ground floor as an open reception area.

We’re going to run some events in there. There might be a few small events for information sessions, thought leadership, and things like that, we’ll be doing that soon. Then upstairs, we’ve got the meeting rooms on one level, we’ve got the staff on another level, kitchen area on another level and so on. I’ll put some photos on Twitter soon for that office because it’s really nice.

Referral Program

Finally, we are as part of our launch process, looking to create a really interesting referral program. It’s going to be a little bit more than just refer someone, get a discount. We will have a little bit of that but what we’re trying to do is do something that’s a little bit more appealing and interesting for people to actually want to download the app and sign up.

The marketing team has been working really hard on that. When that’s ready we will basically publish published that and hopefully, a lot of you guys in that community can jump on board with that.

Partnerships Update

That’s probably the biggest sort of part of the updates I wanted to give. In terms of partnerships, they’re still going strong. We are working very closely with all of the partners that we’ve announced through our launch process. There are a few others that are in the wings that we’re not ready to announce yet.

There’s a lot of other stuff that’s obviously under NDA, and commercially sensitive in nature. We are still doing a lot of work around the COVID related stuff, what we’ve labeled the Open World Passport.

There are heaps happening on there and I do look forward to announcing or talking about that as we release that. We just need to sort of think about the commercial sensitivity of some of these at the moment before we start to feed too much information out. But rest assured, there is a heap of stuff that’s happening in that sense as well.

Closing Words

I just want to thank everyone for staying on board and supporting the project as we move forward. If I don’t tweet or talk to you before then have a great holiday period. Thanks very much.

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