KardiaChain and ShareRing Conclude the First Virtual Treasure Hunt!

April 13, 2023

The first Virtual Treasure Hunt, hosted by KardiaChain and ShareRing is now concluded. Congratulations to Minimoog for unlocking the chest and claiming $500 in SHR and $500 in KAI tokens!

KardiaChain and ShareRing’s First Virtual Treasure Hunt is over!

One lucky participant pieced together all the clues from both ShareRing and Kardiachain posts and unlocked the Treasure Chest to win $500 in SHR and $500 in KAI tokens, congratulations to @minimoog!

Did you find all the clues?

Here are the locations and dates posted for everyone who may have missed them (days are based on EST time zone):

1 – Feb 11th – corn
2 – Feb 6th – chase
3 – Feb 5th – entire
4 – Feb 10th – erosion
5 – Feb 7th – sunny
6 – Feb 8th – host
7 – Feb 9th – resemble
8 – Feb 5th – ordinary
9 – Feb 11th – adjust
10 – Feb 12th – balcony
11 – Feb 12th – start
12 – Feb 12th – giggle

1 – corn Feb 11th

2 – chase Feb 6th

3 – entire Feb 5th

4 – erosion Feb 10th

5 – sunny Feb 7th

6 – host Feb 8th

7 – resemble Feb 9th

8 – ordinary Feb 5th

9 – adjust Feb 11th

10 – balcony Feb 12th

11 – start Feb 12th

12 – giggle Feb 12th

While a small mix up did cause us to post out of chronological order, we did release a key to help the treasure hunters assemble the correct sequence, which proved to be no obstacle for the determined hunters:

Despite the hiccup, the rest of the promotion went well and we received much positive feedback and praise from our great communities who enjoyed the engaging event!

We’d like to thank everyone once again for participating and all your support, as well as our great partners at KardiaChain for organizing this with us!

Also, a big thank you to AltcoinBuzz and Ron from TechTipsToGo for covering our Treasure Hunt promotion!

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