What Are Age-Gated Experiences Or Services?

July 13, 2023

Hey there, in our previous article, we talked about the topic of customer verification

Today, we're excited to explore a related topic - age-gated experiences! 

We will share some insights on how businesses can create engaging and responsible experiences for their users. So, let's dive in!

What are age-gated experiences? 

Age-gated experiences are commonly used by businesses that handle age-restricted products or content, such as alcohol, tobacco, or gambling. 

In the UK and Australia, strict laws require businesses to verify the age of customers before selling age-restricted products. 

Penalties for non-compliance can be severe, including fines, legal action, and loss of licensing. 

By implementing digital verification technologies, businesses can ensure compliance with legal requirements, prevent customer harm, and build trust in age-gated experiences.

It can also create engaging and responsible experiences, leading to brand loyalty and industry leadership.

Friendly Insights From Team ShareRing

Our Business Development team is here again today to share their insights on age-gated experiences. 

How do businesses communicate age-gating requirements and ensure understanding of the process?

“Businesses can provide resources, training, and support, and communicate the necessary steps for age verification.”

What tools or technologies can businesses use to streamline the age-gating process?

“Businesses can use biometric authentication, AI-based fraud detection, and cutting-edge verification technologies.”

How do businesses handle customer failures in age verification and ensure respectful treatment and proper resolution of errors or discrepancies?

 “Businesses should handle the situation with respect, provide clear explanations, and offer assistance in correcting any errors or discrepancies.”

What role do marketing and advertising play in promoting age-restricted products or services, and how do you ensure that company marketing efforts are compliant with age-gating laws and regulations?

“Marketing and advertising promote age-restricted products or services to the target audience. Businesses should conduct thorough research and consult with legal experts to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.”

How do age-gating requirements impact customer loyalty and what steps can businesses take to support customers during age verification?

“Age-gating requirements can impact customer loyalty. To support customers during age verification, businesses can provide clear communication, offer a seamless and user-friendly age verification process using digital identity solutions, and implement customer feedback mechanisms to continuously improve services and ensure customer satisfaction.”

Opportunities For Your Businesses 

Digitizing age verification measures can be a valuable opportunity for businesses looking to cater to specific age groups or comply with legal requirements for age-restricted products or services. 

By implementing digital age-verification technologies, businesses can ensure that their content or products are only accessible to users of a certain age, protecting both themselves and their users from potential legal and safety issues.

Businesses can also use digitized age verification as a strategy to enhance their marketing efforts, comply with regulations, and create engaging and responsible experiences for their customers.

Stay tuned for our next post will be on industries that can leverage digital identity solutions, yet again - featuring expert insights from ShareRing! 

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