Merchant Dashboard Experience

April 13, 2023

Built on distributed ledger technology, ShareRing offers much more than a typical booking engine. Our robust and powerful merchant dashboard allows retailers to have a bird’s eye view of their online rental business.

ShareRing believes that managing your online rental or sharing business should be a straightforward task, that’s why we have developed a robust and powerful merchant dashboard that allows users to effortlessly;

  • Manage and edit listings
  • Communicate with customers
  • Top-up and cash out with SharePay
  • View booking history
  • Track customer behaviours, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Using a single interface, ShareRing brings Travel Agents and Agencies a huge range of inventory at the best rates and availability. ShareRing offers reviews, rewards and customisation.

How It Works


All customers are pre-verified through our One ID, giving you complete peace of mind.


You choose your availability, rules, policies and pricing.


No lock-in contracts and extremely low fees.


We provide you with advice and analytics to get the most out of our booking engine.

Merchant Dashboard Interface

Dashboard Homepage
Dashboard Chat Interface
Dashboard Asset Listings’ Interface

The merchant dashboard has been designed to be highly functional and simple to use; easily communicate with clients and enjoy a birds-eye view of your assets and booking history. ShareRing’s merchant dashboard features:

  • Booking history
  • Messages & notifications
  • Trending assets
  • Balance history

Manage Assets Interface

Manage Assets Homepage
Asset Detail Interface
Edit Asset Interface

The asset management interface enables merchants to view all their active and de-activated listings. Asset details and Item edits can be adjusted quickly and effortlessly.

Confirm Booking Interface

Confirm or cancel booking, view renter profile and reputation
View customer KYC interface
Confirmed booking interface

Incoming bookings are clear, with all the necessary details provided to give you peace of mind. Reputation, KYC and license details can be 100% trusted through our pre-verified OneID solution.

Transaction History Interface

Transaction History Homepage
Transaction Detail Interface

ShareRing’s transaction history interface equips merchants with an efficient and effective way to analyse and track how many listings have been successful, declined or refused over your businesses lifespan.

Merchant Profile Interface

Merchant Profile Homepage

The merchant profile page is uncomplicated to update and customize with company logo’s, QR code and profile pictures. Additionally, a T&C file and policy document can be effortlessly uploaded to your profile.

Withdraw/Transfering Currency Interface

ShareRing’s wallet provides virtually instantaneous transfers, no foreign transaction fee’s and very low exchange fees (1.0% when withdrawing SharePay to a bank account).

About ShareRing

ShareRing is a total solution, servicing consumers and businesses alike. ShareRing connects the highly fragmented sharing economy by bringing together sharing services across all industries and geographies. Using ShareRing’s decentralized marketplace, users can securely access, connect, and pay for services anywhere in the world. Rental providers receive payments instantly, without any currency conversion fees, and with incredibly low transaction fees.