ShareRing digital identity: a blockchain visa application case study

September 21, 2023

In our previous article, we explored the immense potential of integrating digital identities into the travel visa application process. Today, we present a real-world case study that vividly illustrates how blockchain technology and digital identity solutions can redefine the operations of travel visa issuance companies. This case study serves as a shining example of the tangible benefits awaiting those willing to take the leap.

Traditional Hassles in Visa Applications

Historically, the visa application process involved navigating a labyrinth of forms and fields on websites, resulting in a time-consuming and error-prone endeavor. However, in this case study, we delve into a travel visa issuance company that decided to adopt ShareRing’s digital identity solution.

Step 1: QR Code Integration with VQL

The journey began with the issuance company generating a QR code using the VQL platform. VQL, or Vault Query Language, serves as the messaging protocol through which identity data from the Vault is extracted and shared with the company. In this context, the Vault acts as the repository for applicants to create, manage, and leverage their digital identities. Crucially, the applicants retain complete ownership and control of their identity data without relying on third-party systems. This self-sovereignty ensures data security and privacy.

The generated QR code seamlessly replaced the conventional forms and fields on the company's website.

Step 2: Streamlined Identity Submission

Applicants in this scenario downloaded the Identifi Me app, granting them access to the Vault. Within the Vault, applicants could create, manage, and use their digital identity. This critical feature empowers applicants with data ownership and management capabilities, eliminating dependencies on external entities like cloud or database providers.

Upon creating and verifying their digital identities, applicants used Identifi Me's scanner to capture the QR code generated in Step 1. They were then presented with options to "share" or "reject" the requested information, ensuring full transparency in the data-sharing process.

Step 3: Ironclad Privacy and Security

Once an applicant consented to share their data with the visa issuing company, the identity information was transmitted through a cryptographically secure channel unique to the company. This approach provided an impenetrable layer of security for sensitive information, reassuring applicants that only the company received their data.

The data itself was cryptographically protected, ensuring only the visa issuing company possessed the decryption capability. This dual-layered security protocol, combined with blockchain technology, instilled confidence in the integrity and authenticity of the shared information.

Step 4: Enhanced Security and Trust

With the applicant's data securely in hand, the visa issuing company proceeded with the visa application process without the need for additional verification checks. ShareRing's digital identity system delivered an institutional level of attestation to the applicant's information and documents, effectively relieving the company of additional verification burdens.

Conclusion: Securing Your Digital Future with ShareRing Digital Identity Solutions

In this compelling case study, we have witnessed the transformative potential of blockchain technology and digital identity solutions in the travel visa application process. At every juncture, from application submission to decision-making, the advantages are palpable:

1. Secure Application Submission: Streamlined and secure application submission reduces document fraud.

2. Streamlined Verification: Real-time identity verification reduces fraud risks and guarantees genuine applicants.

3. Expedited Processing: Faster decision-making and visa issuance benefit both applicants and businesses.

4. Enhanced Security and Trust: Improved data security and bolstered trust among partners.

The integration of digital identities is not a mere theoretical concept; it is a practical solution offering tangible benefits for travel visa issuance companies. It's high time the industry drew inspiration from stories like this one and embarked on a journey towards a more efficient, secure, and collaborative future. Embracing digital identities holds the key to remaining relevant and competitive in our rapidly evolving world.

Interested to learn more about integrating ShareRing’s digital identity solution? Reach out to us here and one of our team members will be in touch.