ShareRing Vault: The Tool To Keep Your Identity Safe

April 13, 2023

ShareRing Vault is a self-custodial solution within the ShareRing app. This means that only you, the user, dictates how your information is shared and ultimately defines your digital identity. In addition, your credentials are only stored on your device and no other location. This sense of security – paired with a personalizable method of organizing your documents – creates a safe experience in your journey of surfing the web.

Once you have set up your Vault you have complete control at all times. It is in ShareRing’s best interest to make you feel safe and secure when finding a decentralized data storage solution. By making sure that you are the only one who has full access to your credentials inside your Vault we believe we have solved this. No third party can access your Vault, not even ShareRing. 

As the web develops and becomes more integrated with our daily lives, it is only a matter of time before it relies heavily on digital identity verification. Vault is the first step to ensuring that you have priority access to the future of the web. However, with more digital identity verification it opens the doors to more hackers. ShareRing has also made it a priority to ensure Vault is a safeguard against hackers, making your data heavily protected. There is no way for someone to gain access into your vault unless you willingly decide to give up your password. 

Furthermore, the main focus of ShareRing Vault is to create higher levels of security and privacy with a frictionless experience where convenience is key. Vault offers filtering and categorization so you can store and file your credentials in an organized manner. With these new enhancements, and future updates, Vault is not only a safeguard for your identity but a way for you to start integrating yourself with the future of the internet.